What are the differences between demons and hybrids in Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man it is a popular series anime Y sleeve that has been resonating a lot and in a short time its number of fans has increased considerably with its official launch, especially some who show their appreciation for the anime and its characters, so today we will show you a little about the differences between demons and the hybrids.

Something that seems quite striking to us is that the inhabitants of the world of Chainsaw Man are mainly humans and the demons created by them. However, they have the possibility of combining and giving life to Demons and Devil Hybrids that represent a much greater evil than simple demons.

Their rarity makes it difficult to fully identify the difference between the two, and while they share some traits, there are certain elements that can help us tell them apart. So keep reading to find out. First of all, it should be clarified that demons are supernatural creatures that have very specific abilities. Thus, humans can sign contracts with them to use their powers for their benefit, however, the strength in which the devil is personified is proportional to the fear with which it is invoked.

For example, the Devil of Weapons became more than powerful once all the nations united to position themselves against the use of these (in fear of a possible attack) and, after the prohibition of all information about them, they were used as a banner to fight violent crimes. But, unfortunately for humans, these demons never die, since they live due to generational fear and aversion towards different behaviors in all human epochs.

There is a possession behind the creation of demons

To understand the nature of the origin of demons, if the Devil comes to possess the inert body of a human, he will become a Demon. So from this moment on, the Demon will have full control of the body and will behave in different ways depending on his personality.

In this way, some Fiends tend to manipulate the brain of the host for a longer time, so they can use their superior abilities to humans to take over their abilities, although they are not as strong as their original form. So they can’t sign any kind of contract.

In fact, of all the Fiends we’ve seen in Chainsaw Man, Power has earned a significant place in the fan community. If we ignore that chaos surpasses it, Power is a Blood Fiend that, as its name says, can manipulate the blood of its victim at will. Like any demon, he is distinguishable by a unique feature: the two horns on top that will take on the size of the amount of blood ingested.

Devil Hybrid powers have special triggers

As we mentioned at the beginning, devilish hybrids are quite rare, since we only know of four so far. And, well, they are created when a demon merges with a human. Unlike the Fiend, these creatures completely retain a conventional human figure and even their reasoning; however, the strength they display is impressive, in the same way that they transform into different things.

Another important feature is that its source of power, after having lost strength, is the consumption of blood (yes, just like the Demons). But if they were to have little blood it would be impossible for them to show their true Diablo form. To no one’s surprise, Denji is the perfect example of a demon hybrid. The protagonist, in fact, is the one who has allowed us to understand a little how this mechanism works.

That is to say, prior to his combination with Pochita, Denji lacked some organs, including his eye, so he was practically evicted, leaving him in an “almost dead” position. But once he made the contract with the demon, he was healed and endowed with a unique ability: to sprout chainsaws from his body.

In fact, Denji could transform into a fearsome and intimidating character. But, it should be mentioned that Hybrid Demons have their own triggers that will allow them to perform these transformations. In Denji’s case it’s a starter rope sticking out of his chest.

Once you pull it, you can activate the chainsaw that you carry with you; Katana Man holds it in his left hand; Reze has some kind of grenade around his neck; and finally, Quanxi has to draw an arrow from his empty socket to activate his powers. In this way, we can say that the devilish hybrids are a more complete and developed version of the devils due to their strength.

What are the differences between demons and hybrids in Chainsaw Man