What do we know about the Stranger Things Tokyo spin

While we already know that season 5 of Stranger Things will be the last of the series and will mark the end of the great adventure started in 2016 on Netflix, the universe created by the Duffer Brothers will probably not stop with the main series. After expanding into novels and comics, the franchise is about to be the subject of a new series that will take place far from the small town of Hawkins, as its title indicates: Stranger Things Tokyo.

It’s been 7 years now Stranger Things made its sensational debut in the Netflix catalog. The series created by Matt and Ross Duffer immediately won over the public and has continued to break audience records for the N rouge platform with each new season. And while the final season is in preparation, we learn that Netflix does not seem determined to say goodbye to the most emblematic franchise to which it has given birth. A spin-off is indeed in the works, and it will take the form of an anime. And like the main series, its little sister could refer to new cult works, in particular a manga whose main character goes through similar ordeals to those experienced by Eleven…

Stranger Things Tokyo: quesaco?

For some time, the Duffer brothers have been hinting that they have plans to expand the universe they created for Netflix. We now know one of them: an animated series called Stranger Things Tokyo. And if few details are still known about this spin-off, we now know who the heroes will be and what the starting point for this new story will be. The website What’s on Netflix revealed the synopsis:

“In the suburbs of Tokyo, the discovery of the Upside Down marks the beginning of a great adventure for two twin brothers who love video games…”

On the podcast mic Happy Sad ConfusedMatt Duffer has agreed to talk about this spin-off, which he says will be different from “1000%” from the original series, and to explain:

“This is a story that ties into the world of Stranger Things, but how we tell it will be very different.”

It is not yet known when this new adventure on the borders of the Upside Down will be released or how many episodes it will have, but the entire miniseries should last around 6 hours. What to explore many new aspects of this universe through a spin-off which could this time draw its inspiration from several cult manga.

The manga that inspired the creators of Stranger Things

Stranger Things features many obvious references to 1980s pop culture and cinema, and in the past the Duffers have cited directors Steven Spielberg and John Carpenter, as well as novelist Stephen King, as major influences. But they also mentioned, during an interview with the site TheDailyBeast.comthe influence that the discovery of a more recent manga that mixes horror and science fiction had on them: Elfen Field. And it is enough to leaf through the first pages to notice some similarities with the story of Eleven, since we discover how a young woman escapes from a secret research center by massacring the guards who are on her heels. thanks to his supernatural powers… Moreover, during this same interview, the creators of the series also cited Akira as manga having inspired them to give birth to the universe of Stranger Things.

After paying tribute to AND The Extra-Terrestrial, Ghostbusters or The Gooniesthe Duffer brothers could therefore in this anime appeal to a completely different part of their culture and offer us a spin-off that stands out from its model by adopting visual and narrative codes far removed from what they have accustomed us to since 2016. While waiting to learn more about this exciting new project, we can satisfy our thirst for creepy animated series by discovering from January 19 Maniac by Junji Ito: Macabre Anthology on the platform that makes TUDUM.

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What do we know about the Stranger Things Tokyo spin-off?