What do we want in season 2 on Wednesday?

Now that Netflix has officially announced the second season on Wednesdayfans begin to speculate what could happen in this new chapter. What we would like to see in the second season of Wednesday? Which personages, events or also fantastic creatures we would like to see in this new chapter?

Wednesday’s second season will take place: what would we like to see in the new chapter?

It’s official: Wednesdaythe Netflix TV series that follows the adventures of the protagonist Wednesday Addams, will tone with a new season. Before hypothesizing and analyzing together what we would like to see in this new chapter, let’s recap what happened in the first season. The series currently still holds a place in the Italian Top 10 of the streaming service.

After being expelled from her school and sent to the Nevermore Academy by parents Morticia and Gomez, Wednesday had only one goal: run away on your heels. However, she resisted, found her place in the school and even contributed to solve the mystery of the terrifying monster who roamed the city.

It also prevented Joseph Crackstone to destroy Nevermore and rid the world of outcasts. In just eight episodes, Wednesday has experienced a huge growthhas tightened several new relationships And intriguinghas looked death in the face and has faced many enemies.

The season finale obviously made us understand that Wednesday’s adventures don’t end here. Later, Netflix confirmed the arrival of a second season and, well, here we are. Given what has happened, what will be the next step of our favorite protagonist?

The stalker

The first aspect that we hope Netflix can solve and investigate concerns the Wednesday stalkers.

After Wednesday it stopped Tyler, Laurel Gates And Joseph Crackstone – with a huge amount of help – in just one night, the authorities decide to close Nevermore Academy for the remainder of the semester. Before leaving, however, on Wednesday she visits Xavier, who asks her to stay in touch during their absence. Later, he hands her a present: a brand new smartphone.

The girl accepts and turns on the phone in the car, where she is greeted since the smartphone era with something rather creepy: someone is watching her. This mysterious stalker has some photos of her and also sends her a little animated video of Wednesday that she is killedmaking his intentions clear and making the protagonist understand what awaits her when she returns to school.

In his voice-over, after concluding his novel based on the murders with a question mark, Wednesday also dwells on how the puzzle pieces don’t fit completely. Indeed, there are aspects of the story, even if we don’t yet know which ones, which makes no sense when you consider the two people responsible for causing Jericho’s chaos.

So, next semester, when Wednesday returns, he’ll already have a mystery to investigate and someone who wants his blood. Will he ever find his stalker? Some believe it could be Xavier but for us, at least seen like this, it would be too easy.

During the first season we feel that Wednesday has attracted the attention of many people and some of them, perhaps, have observed it in the shadows without being noticed. Who could they possibly be?

An insight into Enid and her friendship with Wednesday

Wednesday Enid Nerd Pride 1024x567

When we first met Enidthe sweet girl had not yet reached the luperity. She had the claws And so much grit, but nothing more; all of us, including Enid’s parents, then began to wonder if the girl would ever transform. Luckily in the season finale Enid attains luperity and helps Wednesday, brutally fighting Tyler.

But now that she’s transformed and battled a deadly beast in her first night as a werewolf, how will his life change? Will his colorful optimism be the same after witnessing the horrors of the world firsthand? That impact the transformations will have about his daily life and relationships? There are many open questions to answer after such a crucial moment in his life.

Similar to that we also hope that their friendship can become the centerpiece of the new seasonthe foundation on which the new story will be based. Since arriving at Nevermore Wednesday, her roommate Enid has indeed been trying to be friendly by all means and to bring Wednesday out of his shell.

Despite their constant disagreements and discordant characters, the two managed to build a solid and sincere relationship. Moreover, the final hug that the two exchange is really exciting. So let’s hope Netflix can give us more such moments — and moments when, too Enid does Mano’s manicure.

Tyler’s escape

Hyde Wednesday Nerd Pride 1024x576

After Tyler’s fight with Enid, the last picture we have of the bartender is that of him in custody after all the murders he committed. He’s tied up, in a straitjacket, and in the back of a van, being transported to a place that’s sure to be able to contain him. However, as the season finale shows us, the measures taken they weren’t enough and Tyler begins to transform into Hyde in the back of the van, foreshadowing a potential escape and further mayhem from Tyler.

Also, the van passes by Wednesday’s car just as Tyler begins to transform. Will this cause a fight or will Wednesday be able to spare himself this unpleasant spectacle?

Besides us and the characters within the TV series we don’t know much about the Hydes. So hopefully Netflix can offer us a little more detail on the matter.

What we want to see in Wednesday’s second season: Bianca’s past

In the first season, a topic is introduced that though it is not carried forward, confusing but also intriguing the public. The argument concerns the queen bee of the Nevermore, Whitewhich at the end of the first season shows its true colors and collaborates with Wednesday to defeat the evil and defend the other students.

However, the intriguing part of his story comes to light when his mother he visits her on parental weekend. Bianca ran away from her mother – and her mother accuses her of using shady tactics to get into Nevermore – to escape the cult in which the mother is involved.

The sect uses the mother’s mermaid skills to lure people and steal their money and, con the fading of the song of the mother, demands that Bianca come back to her and take her place, especially since the leader of the cult is now hers stepfather. What happens to Bianca during her time away from Nevermore and what exactly her past entails is something that the series must definitely explore in the second season.

Vampires are expected to play a bigger role in Wednesday’s second season

What We Would Like Second Season Wednesday Nerd Pride

THE vampires they should have a bigger role in season two. In the first season, young Wednesday helped her rowing team to win a well-deserved victory. An enchanting vampire by name Yoko Tanaka she led the rowing team, but an unfortunate accident prevented her from taking part in the race. Last moment, Wednesday came forward.

It’s safe to assume that Yoko may now see Wednesday as one potential friend. This and her ties to Enid certainly increase the likelihood that she, and perhaps others like her, will appear more often in season two.

If Wednesday ever needs someone to have her back or to return a favor, Yoko it could be of great help in continuing the adventures. This is certainly something that fans wouldn’t mind. At the same time it would be interesting to find out a few more details about all supernatural creatures who attend school.

Witches and zombies?

As for the creatures we would like to see, we would like to mention our loved ones zombie and the witches. Indeed, during the first season, we had the opportunity to see some of the main supernatural creatures typical of horror products. However we saw no witches or zombies. Whereas in the second season Netflix should give more room for the whole Addams family, we believe that there may be room for a circle of witches and zombies. Why do we say so? Why, the grandmother of Wednesday is a witch and our beloved Lurch he’s a zombie (or rather, a sort of Frankenstein’s monster). It would therefore be interesting to address this issue.

In conclusion

Xavier Wednesday Nerd Pride 1024x512

There are so many things that could happen in the second season Of Wednesday and these are just some of our secret dreams. In addition to them we would like delve into the powers of Wednesday and of his mother Morticiaknow if somehow they can change and become more powerful. We’d like to go into more within the Addams family and also find out a few more details about the character of xavierone of the most mysterious elements of the first season.

At the moment, however, we can do nothing but wait for the actual second season on Wednesday, which will debut on Netflix. The giant of streaming has not yet announced an official date but we are sure that it is quite close.


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What do we want in season 2 on Wednesday?