What is “Angélique”, the latest novel by Guillaume Musso worth?

You will not escape it. On billboards, in spots on the radio, highlighted in all bookstores, it is there: “Angélique”, the new novel by Guillaume Musso. We read it for you…

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Everybody loves Musso

It is the biggest seller of books in France. More than a million last year, all titles and formats combined. Angelic was printed in 400,000 copies. Who says better ? But Musso is not content to please the general public. Since he abandoned the supernatural vein of his early novels, it also appeals to critics who usually looks askance at best-selling authors. And that, few authors can be proud to achieve.

Who is Angelica?

A man lying on a hospital bed. A young girl beside him plays the cello. Her name is Louise Collange. She is part of an association whose goal is to soothe the suffering of hospitalized people through music. He is Mathias Taillefer, a former cop. That’s good, Louise does not believe in the accidental death of his mother, a former star of the Paris Opera, who reportedly fell from her balcony while watering her flowers. She asks him to investigate. He has no desire, but the kid is tenacious. Their research will lead them on the trail of a nurse, a certain Angelica who, we will quickly understand, is not cold in the eyes but bears his first name badly…

Do we read it?

If you appreciate very worked styles, you will not find your account in Angelic. But if you like authors who get straight to the point, you’ve come to the right place. This is where Musso’s talent lies. The minimum of descriptions, strong characters, but no long dives into their psychology, a lot of dialogue. And an alternation of genres: here the reproduction of a press article, there an AFP dispatch, a report of an interview.

We don’t waste time, we are constantly in action. No risk of losing readers along the way: the twists follow one another, the revelations arrive from page to page, the characters are revealed. Side page turnerit is a model of its kind. Terrifyingly efficient. As for the plot… The stories fit together, the gray areas become clearer, everything fits together, but don’t believe those who tell you that they felt this or that twist coming. Angelic is a beautiful precision mechanics.

What remains, the last page turned?

A real pleasure to read and some questions. How far would we be willing to go to live the life you think you deserve
? Does the end really justify the means? Angelic is it deeper than it looks?

Calmann Levy, 320 pages, €21.90.

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What is “Angélique”, the latest novel by Guillaume Musso worth?

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What is “Angélique”, the latest novel by Guillaume Musso worth?