What to see in ‘streaming’: an essential ‘thriller’ with a disturbing neighborhood that will hook you if you like ‘Vigilante’

Netflix’s smash hit is making waves with its tale of creepy neighbors and twisted cults. Elements that it takes inherited from ‘The seed of the devil’, the great film by Roman Polanski.

A family moves to a seemingly idyllic neighborhood, where they can establish themselves as a family, but suddenly strange things begin to happen in relation to their neighbors and paranoia begins to devour them. we could be talking about VigilantNetflix’s latest hit, but we’re actually talking about a classic terrifying thriller. Is about The seed of the devil.

Roman Polanski’s essential film is one of the clear references to the series that Ryan Murphy has produced and has become one of the most watched series on the platform. Not only because of its haunting residence and community theme, but also because of Mia Farrow’s presence in the series. The actress did one of her most memorable jobs as the lead in a film that also stars John Cassavetes, Ruth Gordon and Ralph Bellamy.

Farrow and Cassavetes play the lead couple, a happy couple called the Woodhouses who are preparing to take a big step. They want to have a child and are looking for a good place to settle. It seems that they have found him in an imposing building in front of Central Park, although a friend of his assures that a terrible curse weighs on him.

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In their new residence, they are soon approached by a mysterious elderly couple, the Castevets, who shower them with attention in a way that is beginning to be suspicious. When the young couple becomes pregnant, stranger things begin to happen, from delusional dreams to the very real perception that is being approached by neighbors and by those who care for her.

The film plays very well with the ambiguity about whether what Farrow’s character perceives is a true curse perpetrated by the neighbors or is a paranoia produced by the anxiety of becoming a mother and become a wealthy traditional family. Unfortunately, the Spanish translation of the title (Rosemary’s Baby) eliminates a certain surprise, but this does not mean that it is not well drawn.

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Polanski makes one of his best works pulling his best resources from the paranoid thriller, the one that film critics usually call “Polanskian thriller” thanks to his great mastery of it. Little supernatural touches help turn The seed of the devil in a total horror movie classic that even the few amateurs can enjoy.

For this reason, it is the best work that you can find that is related to the horror and restlessness that it offers. Vigilant on Netflix. Polanski’s film continues to be effective in showing the cornering experienced by a woman as the protagonist, and creates a gem that continues to have enormous influence no matter how many years go by.

You can see The seed of the devil in filmin.

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What to see in ‘streaming’: an essential ‘thriller’ with a disturbing neighborhood that will hook you if you like ‘Vigilante’