Which DC Comics villains have the most absurd powers?

Many times there are things that cannot be explained so well about powers in comics, today we leave you with some cases of DC Comics villains with meaningless powers

Powers in DC Comics, have they always had to make sense or not?

Inside superhero editorials it has always been possible to see that the sources of power of our characters favorites have not been the most faithful to reality. You have to think that having these types of abilities is not something very common, since if they could have replicated it in real life, surely science would have already done it, so whenever read a comic of this caliber you have to have something of an open mind.

Despite everything that we can allow within the cartoons, there are certain moments that usually grate in our minds and today we are going to try powers. Let’s go directly to the DC Comics publisher, just like we already did with Marveland we are going to deal with situations of some DC Comics villains in which his powers do not appear to have had the greatest of senses.

DC villains with absurd powers

Reverse Flash and his Speed ​​Force

They sought to find a villain who could be up to flash, since a power like that was a very powerful thing to be overshadowed. One of the Flash’s most dangerous villains was Thawne who acquired the antimatter from the Speed ​​Force and managed to become the Reverse Flash. This does not make so much sense because later a power was seen that did which could have been the true antithesis of the Flash’s power, as is the Still Force, so those origins are shaken.

DC Comics villains

Gorilla Grodd’s telepathy, was it really necessary?

Continuing another scarlet speedster villain you have to bring to the fore the character who uses his brute force a lot, that is, Gorilla Grodd. It is a somewhat particular villain, since he has monstrous strength and agility, above the rest of the gorillas of his tribe, but to this is added the fact of presenting telepathy and even telekinesis. Really it was necessary to add all this and that then his physical power predominated? Well, this is what many of your readers have thought.

DC Comics Villains

Superboy Prime, a Kryptonian out of his universe

Let’s go to one of the villains that the great Superman has had, more specifically to one of the versions that existed of the Kryptonian and that shares all his powers. This is Superboy Prime, who is a version from another universe and who has the same powers, but herein lies the nonsense. By belonging to another universe and not being exposed to the same vibrations or the same solar raysit shouldn’t have all those advantages when it went from one universe to the other, or at least they should be different.

DC Comics Villains

The origin of Doomsday that always generated debate

another villain who can be considered exclusive to the man of steel, since he was able to end his life in an epic fight that would mean the end of both characters. The origins that the villain has always presented have been that he came from an experiment by Kryptonian scientists who took a child, killed him, made clones and killed each one in a different way. clones they were evolving and receiving strength, invulnerability and a different aspectbut why?

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How far can they copy Clayface’s powers?

one of the heroes The most villains he has to his credit is Batman himself and these are not going to get rid of meaningless things in their powers. Now we are going to make a stop for Clayface, who has had several carriers but and all have had in common that they are able to imitate or look like other people, but there is something that does not make much sense. got powers through a pool of protoplasm, which makes them look like other people, but why can they also acquire their powers? This is something that doesn’t have many answers.

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Why does Green ask so little of Poison Ivy?

Batman villains who have supernatural powers are usually more complicated to justify, mainly due to the fact that the Gotham knight tends to stand out for not having them and facing something more realistic. The fact that Posion Ivy controlled the plants we took for granted because of her good relationship and that the life force of the Earth gave her some of her power, but since the Green, who it is what unites the life of the planet’s plants gave it its power For something as simple as his relationship with plants, many fans doubted this decision, since it was very simple.

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Eclipso shouldn’t have any power

We end this list with a character who, due to the situation in which it has been seen, he should not be able to possess any kind of ability. He is one of the most powerful magic users in DC Comics and became the Angel of Wrath. There was a time when became more powerful than today, that is, when he was Angel of Wrath, and this caused him to be punished for using it improperly. At the moment of punishing him, his power was reduced, but if not completely after having done all those atrocitiesbecause?

DC Comics Villains

What other DC Comics characters are also in this situation?

As you can see we have reviewed some characters that They have had more or less place within the community of readers, but these small details mean that we cannot fully understand the existence of some powers. DC Comics has been able to be a purist in many things but It is not finished to explain why they have decided some of these situationssurely it is to keep these characters and not take away so much prominence.

It can be seen that some of these mysteries are fully defined from the moment the characters were conceived and that they could have fixed them later, but they were not done. I encourage you to share with us if you think we are right with this or if they really have an explanation that we have missed and that you can provide us.

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Which DC Comics villains have the most absurd powers?