Who is the meteorite man in The Rings of Power? Gandalf, Sauron?

The end of the first episode of The Rings of Power has presented us with what seems to be one of the biggest mysteries of the entire series. Who is the man in the meteorite? What is the identity of that giant that has fallen from the sky and terrorizes Middle-earth? Where do your supernatural powers? Portrayed by Daniel Weyman, in the credits he appears as “the Stranger”, as Amazon wants his true identity to remain anonymous for now. However, several theories and speculations have already emerged about it. Let’s review some of them.

The powers of the meteor man

First of all, let’s start with what we know so far. Let’s start with his powers. Or with part of them, at least. The meteorite man is capable of intimidating with his voice, like Gandalf did when he scolded Bilbo, causing everything to go dark around him and the trees to loom menacingly over the others. It seems to dominate nature and even communicates with animalsas he gives several instructions to the fireflies to explain their mission to Nori and her friend Poppy, the hairy protagonists.

It’s not all good about it either. When the giant gets mad at Nori and breaks the stick he was drawing with, the hairy father breaks his foot. That is to say that there is also something somewhat dark inside. Another example is how snails are eaten, in shell and eagerly alive, or what happens with fireflies, which they die once they have been used. It could be that the meteor man lacks control over his powers (and therefore all of this is involuntary), but it could just as well mean that does not feel much empathy for the creatures around him and that he has no qualms about killing them. Will it be bad?

Their temporary, or selective amnesia, reminds again of Gandalf and the rest of the wizards who come from Valinor, who always had problems remembering and describing said land. Their powers seem similar, so you might want to review our piece on the origin of Middle-earth, the Valar, and the Maiar. Maybe it turns out to be the same thing. a mair

The Meteorite Man Power Rings

Is Sauron the man with the meteorite?

It may be the most absurd theory, but it should not be ruled out. Amazon has long promised that Sauron’s identity will surprise and it seems that he will not reveal it until the final stretch of the season. Perhaps when the meteorite man completes his mission, he will regain his memory and show himself as such?

On the one hand, it should be remembered that the meteorite man arrives in Middle-earth at the precise moment they seem to leave it. the elves who went in search of Sauron. It would make sense for the Dark Lord to return just as his pursuers lay down their arms and believe they are victorious.

To them are added their dangerous powers, the crater that looks like an eye (…) and the fact that, as soon as they land in Middle-earth, a contaminated leaf falls into the hands of Gil-Galad, king of the elves. Now that we know the meaning of Sauron’s mark, who tells us what the constellation the giant is looking for does not mark the location of Mount Doom?

The Meteorite Man Power Rings

Is Gandalf the man with the meteorite?

So much comparing his powers and supernatural abilities with those of Gandalf has led more than one to wonder if it is not a younger version of the wizard. Because Gandalf wasn’t always Gandalf, as stupid as that statement sounds. Before being the friend of the hobbits, the character of Ian McKellen was a spirit who lived in Valinor and was known as Olórin. She was described as being curious about the inhabitants of Middle Earth and who knows if he didn’t visit her thousands of years before she took the form we know.

Gandalf was always associated with fire (now it comes in a meteorite) and his relationship with Nori allows him to establish all kinds of parallels with Frodo. Aren’t there already between hairy and hobbit? Moreover, isn’t the series called The Rings of Power? And in his day Gandalf received the elvish ring of fireNarya? (Here you can consult all the rings that were and who had them).

The Meteorite Man Power Rings

Of course, it should be clarified that everything is speculation and the meteorite man could well be a character created solely and exclusively for the series. It would not be the first, but on the contrary, there are so many that recently we had to collect all the characters in the series that appear in Tolkien’s work and all the originals, to distinguish them. At the moment it will be time to wait for the new episodes to collect even more puzzle pieces and thus reveal the identity of the character before Amazon itself does.

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