Who is the sorcerer that Tapia took to Qatar: “gualichos”, a dubious CV and show on the pitch

The Argentine National Team traveled to Qatar with a large entourage made up of players, coaching staff, props and local soccer leaders. The team of lionel scaloniwho traveled from Abu Dhabi after the 5-0 win against the United Arab Emirates, has already settled at the University of Qatar, which will be his home during the most important international competition on the planet.

The dream of winning the World Cup reveals not only the players but also many Argentines that they see in this opportunity a consolidated team, with a good game and that comes with the buoyancy of having won the Copa América. But Close to the president of the AFA, Claudio “Chiqui” Tapia, they believe that football and group factors alone are not enough, so they decided to take a “Wizard” to Qatar to take care of the supernatural aspects before each game. .

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In its last win against the United Arab Emirates, a spectator filmed a mysterious man from the stands with a National Team shirt that walked all along the perimeter of the playing field, groping the nets of the arches with his hands and doing a show for the publicwho laughed as this person dodged the water sprinklers that were on minutes before the game.

as far as he could tell NEXOFIN The man in question is José Almaraz, the “Wizard” that Tapia took to the World Cup, with the aim of taking care of the team from the bad vibes that could exist in the Asian country. After consulting with people who make up the selected team, two sources informed this medium that “El Brujo” is called José Almaraz.

On the social network LinkedIn, Almaraz presents himself as Sports Director of UNICEF USA, despite not fulfilling any specific role in the organization, as confirmed by a source from the multilateral entity itself to this medium. When asked if he actually has a contract with the entity, the same source did not know how to respond, although he clarified: “He does not participate in the day-to-day of the organization, that’s for sure.”

But it is not the only aspect with which José Almaraz “chapea”. According to sources close to the coaching staff, Almaraz -who has accompanied them for three years in most of the games played by the selected team- He claims to be a “very close friend of Pope Francis”.

“In Qatar he already started getting into the room of some players as if he were Scaloni himself, he ate the character”commented sources familiar with the day-to-day life of the local team in Qatar, who added: “Above all, try to garrone everything that you can think of here in Qatar.”

Almaraz is a very trusted person of “Chiqui” Tapia: already in 2018 he had uploaded to his social networks a photo embracing the now number one of the AFA, and highlighted that image as his new profile photo on Twitter.

On their social networks, Almaraz also takes advantage of the closeness that his role gives to the players to take pictures with them.. On his social profiles he regularly uploads images where he is seen with the players of “La Scaloneta”.

The big question that surrounds the figure of Almaraz is the institutional role that he fulfills within the AFA, enough to have earned the benefit of traveling with the selected team and staying at the same hotel.. In his social networks, he does not provide any information about the work he does within the AFA, beyond the videos that show his “gualichos” to avoid goals against. Will you accompany the team throughout the World Cup?

Who is the sorcerer that Tapia took to Qatar: “gualichos”, a dubious CV and show on the pitch