Who writes the speeches?, by Cristina Casabón

There are those who have a representation of social life that is always made up of mysteries, hidden qualities, myths, idols, monsters. Each circle appears from outside like a nightmare object. Pedro Sánchez now says that power mysteriously resides in one of the circles outside of his direct control, such as banking, energy (What was that about the revolving doors between politics and energy? Cleries i González from JxCat asked him) and some of the media. Almost no one here understands that power is not hidden anywhere, but is spread and mixed.

It almost seems that Sánchez has adopted a somewhat conspiratorial concept and vision of power. In circles related to the labor movement and socialism, dreams have always been populated by mythological monsters whose names are Finance, Industry, Stock Exchange, Banking. Now the media and even judges are also included. The PSOE paints the capitalists as supernatural beings, but we know that these “powerful” are, in any democracy, the circles that offer counterweights, that compete with each other and seek to safeguard their interests.

Because of these things, it seems that Sánchez’s speeches have been written by his worst enemy, one who has proposed that the president make a fool of himself with the prose of a boy from Malasaña affiliated with Podemos who unnerves the staff with his Black Friday slogans. Writing speeches for others is hard, but hating the powerful and being a Black of Power in capital letters is being black twice, that’s why I feel sorry for whoever writes the speeches to the president. Who writes these soflames? Where did they get this man who writes for power and against power? It is the lost sheep that should be thrown on the shoulder, because in the end it will end up creating a conspiracy atmosphere for not understanding a very simple thing: in Spain the usual bosses always rule, starting with the politicians.

«It is bad to disagree with oneself, except if one is the tenant of the Moncloa, who already walks through the truth and lies like Pedro through his house»

Our speaker would deserve, in exchange, a prize for the best fiction story, the story that power resides in Spain somewhere outside the socialist ecosystem. In reality, we may all already believe, at this stage of sanchismo, that power resides mysteriously in some of the circles to which we do not have access, and that almost no one understands that it does not reside hidden anywhere. The dominant feeling that generates this fallacy is the vertiginous fear that always produces the loss of contact with reality.

It doesn’t seem bad to me that there are those who live, in this farce of politics, of writing speeches for another, even being against the speech they sign. Perhaps all this is of no importance. Does anyone really take these words seriously, or do they just say them because they have dialectical force? In August the hidden powers went to the beach and the president was able to rest from making a fool of himself, but now the country again seems to be governed by the spirit and methods of Podemos. Of course, it should not be ruled out that Sánchez will leave the week that he comes to say, as a good Hegelian mind, quite the opposite of what he said the day before, and all this without betraying himself or betraying those from Malasaña. It is bad to disagree with oneself, except if one is the tenant of La Moncloa, who at this point is already wandering through the story of truth and lies like Pedro through his house.

Who writes the speeches?, by Cristina Casabón