Would Humberto Zurita contact Christian Bach with a medium?; “It would be wonderful to talk again”

Humberto Zurita’s love for Christian Bach is so great that, even after his death, he wants to talk to her and is willing to do anything to get it.

They say that sad stories prevail over happy ones, but this is one that continues to break our hearts. On February 26, 2019, the story of Christian Bach and Humberto Zurita ended, who at the time were considered the perfect couple in show business.

The 68-year-old actor has tried to get ahead after the loss of his wife, that is why he took refuge in work in which he has been very successful, he is currently premiering the second season of “Inexplicable Latin America” , a History Chanel series that talks about supernatural events.

The actor tries his facet as a driver for the first time:

And it was during the presentation of the program, Humberto Zurita remembered when they tried to tie him up. He says that on one occasion they told him that someone was trying to tie him up and in his dressing room there were three bottles of water in the shape of a triangle, in front of his photographs.

“He explained to me that the water that was in the bottles was the one that I drank in the scenes, they collected that water, I am not clear for what reason (…) He told me: ‘there must be something out there’ and indeed , we ripped off the rug and below it had a cross of strange stars”

These bottles formed a triangle in front of his photographs and, furthermore, they did not contain normal water, but were the remains that he left behind from a scene in which he appeared to take a sip of his drink.


But this strange situation did not stop there, but his friend told him that there must be something on the ground, since it is usual in this type of practice, so they removed the mat from the place where they were and found a star.

“We ripped the rug, but ripped, because it was stapled, and below it had like a cross, of these stars that look strange”, Because of this, the actor resorted to a white witch to “untie” it.

It was for this reason that he touched on the issue of the occasions that he has needed the help of people who are dedicated to these practices, such as the occasion in which one of his fellow actresses assured him that he had a “dead man behind”, and although he It seemed strange, he paid attention to it.

In this context, Humberto Zurita confessed that during his youth he thought that his future was within the Catholic religion, for which he even attended a seminary for three years to become a priest; however, currently his beliefs are different, because he is not closed to the idea of ​​speaking with his deceased wife Christian Bach through a medium.

“I wish that I could talk again with my wife or with my mother, it would be wonderful. I mean, I don’t know, I hope they don’t appear dead to me, but as alive, they sit next to me. Maybe yes first I would say ‘ay! what’s up ‘, but he would be father. I think all these people who use mediums are trying to have a conversation with a loved one again, “said the actor.

Would Humberto Zurita contact Christian Bach with a medium?; “It would be wonderful to talk again”