10 Movie Franchises And TV Shows Improved By Introducing A New Character

Whether it’s the introduction of a villain in an epic action spectacle like the Marvel Cinematic Universe, or our favorite sitcom bolstered by the arrival of a hilarious new star, a breath of fresh air fresh is sometimes precisely what is needed to see a hit series or the cinematic saga taken to the next level. Such characters can infuse a story with a new sense of purpose, add interesting dynamics to the crease, and can even inspire writers to explore unique and interesting possibilities for the narrative.

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Making up some of the most iconic and adored characters in film and television, the mere existence of these characters changed the trajectory of these tales for the better. Whether we love them or hate them, these characters should at least be appreciated for the drastic impact they had on us, stories and audiences.

‘The Boys’ (2019-) – Soldier Boy

Whether you love superhero stories or are bored of them, The boys will please you as biting satire disguised as shockingly violent superhero comedy. Defined by its audacity to go where few shows have gone before, the show’s third season soared to new heights with the introduction of Jensen Ackles‘ Boy soldier.

The former super-squad leader proved to be a flawless scene-stealer as he tracked down those who betrayed him and prepared to take on Homelander (Antoine Starr). Taking the show’s social commentary to another level, Ackles excelled in the role, becoming a guilty pleasure for many fans of the show.

“Parks and Recreation” (2009-2015) – Ben Wyatt

Making its first appearance late in the Parks and recreationthe second season of Ben Wyatt (Adam Scott) may have first clashed with Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler), but he soon showed his compassionate nature, winning over fans in the process. Imbuing the show with plenty of charm and Scott’s natural comedic prowess, Ben became a series regular in the third season.

By the end of the series, he had become a fan favorite as a great individual character and a perfect love interest for Leslie. Arguably one of the greatest additions to a cast in American sitcom history, Ben Wyatt helped elevate Parks and recreation to the cult classic status it holds to this day.

‘Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back’ (1980) – Yoda

Given star wars‘ longtime as an ever-evolving pop culture icon, it’s easy to forget that Yoda didn’t appear in the first installment of the saga. It’s only Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back that audiences finally met the wise and powerful Jedi Master when Luke Skywalker (Marc Hamil) goes to Dagobah to complete his training.

Voiced and puppeteered by Frank Oz, Yoda quickly became one of the most iconic characters to ever hit the screen with his unique appearance and peculiar way of speaking. The introduction of the character helped solidify star wars‘ lasting legacy and has raised the bar again in terms of wondrous feats george lucas could achieve with the franchise.

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“The IT Crowd” (2006-2013) – Douglas Reynholm

Despite disappointing ratings, the first season of The computer crowd was a brilliant workplace comedy after the London-based office’s inept IT department. Although he maintained a fine balance between clumsy satire and downright absurdity, it was only in Douglas Reynholm (Matt Berry) was introduced that the series moved to another level.

The sleazy, slimy, womanizing businessman entered the series in the second season when he inherited ownership of Reynholm Industries after his father died. As eccentric as he was crude, Douglas added an extra dynamic to the show and provided many of the show’s most memorable moments.

“Supernatural” (2005-2020) – Castiel

Spanning 15 huge seasons, Supernatural amassed a loyal fanbase who, above all else, adored the show’s brilliant characters. Right behind the Winchesters was Castiel (Misha Collins), an angel who has repeatedly rebelled against Heaven and one of the Winchesters’ most loyal allies.

It’s actually hard to think back to a time when Cas wasn’t a regular on the show, but he didn’t appear at all in the first three seasons. His arrival at the start of season four, however, not only introduced one of television’s most beloved characters, but also saw Supernatural elevate to a new level by bringing all the heaven and angel drama to the series.

‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’ (2022) – Namor

Charged with the delicate responsibility of honoring Chadwick Bosemanlegacy as well as the continuation of Black Panther series without him while living up to the critically acclaimed original film, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever simply necessary to evolve the world of history with new elements. One of the best of these additions turned out to be the film’s antagonist, Namor (orchard of tenoches).

The Aquatic King of Talokan is an irresistible villain as he lays waste to Wakanda’s defenses with cunning and ferocity. “Marvel’s First Mutant” also became the MCU’s first mutant, meaning his impact on the series as a whole has only just begun.

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‘Stranger Things’ (2016-) – Eddie Munson and Vecna

Netflix’s hit series is no stranger to bringing in new characters each season, with Max Mayfield (Sadie sink) and Robin Buckley (Maya Hawk) only two of the previous additions that became integral parts of the series. Season four, considered by many to be the best episode of stranger things since its first season, was no different with Eddie Munson (joseph quinn) and Vecna ​​(Jamie Campbell Bower) entering the series.

While Eddie quickly became a fan favorite and injected a new wave of comedic charm into the show, Vecna ​​almost instantly became the show’s most menacing villain. Both characters made immediate inroads into the pop culture fanfare and elevated the series to become one of the biggest hits of 2022.

“The Dark Knight” (2008) – The Joker

Certain characters are introduced in a series of films and instantly become one of the main stars of the saga, appearing again and again as the story unfolds over time. A few rare characters can have such a big impact in a single movie with such limited screen time, but health book did just that with his instantly iconic portrayal of the Joker in a superhero blockbuster The black Knight.

batman begins was a groundbreaking superhero movie on its own, so Christopher Nolan necessary to produce something really spectacular to push the story even further. Not only did Ledger’s Joker ensure The black Knight surpassed his predecessor, he also made one of the greatest movie villains in film history while elevating The Dark Knight Trilogy to one of the best film series of this century.

“It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” (2005-) – Frank

With a whopping 15+ seasons, It’s always sunny in Philadelphia was the pinnacle of American television comedy for a very long time, however, it almost never was. After a lackluster performance in the first season, showrunners were tasked with hiring a notable star or facing cancellation. To enter Danny DeVito.

His performance as Frank Reynolds made a suitably sociopathic and unabashed addition to “The Gang” that had an instant impact on the show. The character has also become an integral part of the series’ enduring legacy as a daringly outrageous comedy for those who enjoy dark, twisted humor.

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“The Avengers” (2012) – Thanos

Starting off relatively small with multiple origin films for its main heroes, it’s only The Avengers released in 2012 – four years after the franchise began – that the MCU unveiled its biggest villain. Appearing in a post-credits scene, Thanos was teased as the next big thing in the saga.

Through a series of brief and sporadic appearances as the MCU grew over the decade, the legend of Thanos grew ever larger as his power and motives slowly revealed themselves. Finally getting a major role in 2018 Avengers: Infinity Warthe Mad Titan (played by Josh Brolin) became one of the most powerful villains in blockbuster history and raised the stakes to epic levels in the MCU.

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