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With shows like The Time Traveler’s Wife being unceremoniously canceled after one season, many have begun to criticize television’s renewal process. People understand that television is a tough ratings-driven business, but they still get upset when the networks stifle the creative vision of people working on the multitude of programs that litter cable and streaming.

While some shows are able to wrap up a program in a beautiful arc despite premature cancellation, others aren’t allowed such luxury and end up leaving viewers with unresolved cliffhangers. Not all of these programs are worth remembering, but there are some that Redditors believe should have been given a proper conclusion.

The Last Man on Earth (2015-2018)

A post-apocalyptic comedy directed by Will Forte, The Last Man On Earth saw the SNL alum play Phil Tandy Miller, the titular last man on Earth, as he frolicked with other survivors of a virus that has wiped out most human lives. They eventually make it to Mexico, where they discover even more survivors of the virus living underground in what RyFromTheChi called “a wild cliff hanger.”

Although The Last Man On Earth wasn’t a particularly popular show during its run, the program had a dedicated fan base, thanks to those invested in the wacky adventures of the main characters. If the show had gone on, they probably would have been treated to some awkward comedy involving the integration between the two bands.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (2008-2009)

Set after the events of the much-loved Terminator 2: Judgment Day, The Sarah Connor Chronicles finds the Connor family aided by a reprogrammed terminator named Cameron as they attempt to go on the offensive against Skynet in 2007. They eventually come across the forerunner of Skynet and learn that reshaping the future could cost them their lives.

While The Sarah Connor Chronicles drew criticism for deviating from the Terminator source material and for being constrained by a TV budget, Redditor Brite_4cats felt the show had “the perfect season two ending with a cliff hanger.” giant “. If the show had been canceled prematurely, the show might have told some really bold stories involving John Connor’s leap into the future.

Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (1993-1997)

One of many Superman-centric television shows, Lois & Clark was unique in that it emphasized the relationship between the titular characters over Superman’s heroic actions. It is for this reason that the show is “rarely mentioned”, according to Amadeus3000.

While the show’s rom-com-oriented storylines meant the stakes were lower on Lois & Clark than on a show like The X-Files, the show boasted an intriguing cliffhanger that saw the couple give birth to a baby. by a mysterious figure who seems to know Clark’s identity. As noted by writer and producer Brad Buckner (via the Krypton site), the child’s origins would have been explored had the series been renewed for a fifth season.

Flash Forward (2009-2010)

Created by Brannon Braga and David S. Goyer, FlashForward boasted a “great concept that was canned after Season 1” via Deathdar1577. The show centered on a team of FBI investigators as they attempted to determine what caused a 137-second global blackout that left people with visions of their lives six months later.

What people invested in FlashForward was the twists and turns that resulted from trying to shape the outcome of the future. It all culminated in another flash event that gave the protagonists a glimpse into the year 2030, followed by the explosion of the FBI headquarters.

My Name is Earl (2005-2009)

Built around the premise of a petty crook trying to make up for his past mistakes after winning the lottery, My Name Is Earl was the closest Jason Lee was to being a household name. He imbued the series with a dry wit that contrasted well with the comedic shenanigans of his brother and ex-wife.

Due to the popularity of the series during its first three seasons, many complained about the strange cancellation of My Name Is Earl, especially because the series ended with a question of who the father was. by Earl Jr. Even after a decade away, Redditor Happilyplayingdirty still angrily wondered, “My name is Earl……. whose baby is this? »

Wake Up (2012)

A heady police procedural littered with surreal elements, Awake focused on Detective Michael Britten as he recovers from a serious car accident and finds himself switching between two realities every time he falls asleep. In order to determine which one is real, he begins to undergo therapy sessions in both worlds.

Despite the praise Awake garnered, the complex storyline failed to appeal to audiences. That didn’t stop the series from ending in what letphilsing called a jaw-dropping cliffhanger with “the main character in the middle of a dream”, suggesting that none of the show’s events ever happened.

I Am Not Okay With This (2020)

I Am Not Okay With This was a Netflix show that explored the trials and tribulations of a high school girl named Sydney who discovers she has telekinetic powers. As the series progressed, she began to believe that she wasn’t the only person with powers, hence why curtis080609 “really enjoyed I Am Not Okay With This”.

While much of the first season was a slow burn focused on Sydney trying to hide her powers and maintain a normal relationship with her peers, the finale provided an exciting status quo for the second season. After Sydney ended up murdering her best friend’s boyfriend to hide her powers, she met a stranger who claimed the world should be afraid of them. Sadly, viewers may not know who the alien was, as the show never got a chance to explore him.

Terre-Nova (2011)

Set on prehistoric Earth, Terra Nova focused on the conflict between a human colony attempting to rebuild civilization and a group of insurgents working for corporate tycoons who sought to exploit the resources of the past. “It was an over-the-top spectacle,” as ShakataGaNai put it, but one that offered excitement given the rich possibilities the premise offered.

While the series largely wrapped the main conflict in a clever arc by destroying the gateway between the future and the past, the latest episode unraveled a mystery involving the remains of an 18th century ship. The show was unfortunately canceled before it could play with other time travel plots.

Angel (1999-2004)

The spinoff of the popular Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel was a groundbreaking vampire TV show that saw its titular protagonist start a detective agency in Los Angeles to help the helpless. Eventually, he becomes CEO of Wolfram & Hart, a law firm that has consistently been at odds with Angel, with the show ending on a cliffhanger with Angel and his friends ready to battle the forces of the higher parts.

While fans of Angel were crestfallen at the time of its cancellation and how anti-climactic its ending was, retrospective reviews have been favorable to the finale, with many noting its thematic importance to Angel’s mission. MuNansen writes, “as far as cliffhangers go, it was pretty satisfying to end on,” though that didn’t stop fans from wondering how the series would have continued.

Hannibal (2013-2015)

A show about the relationship between serial killer Hannibal Lecter and FBI special investigator Will Graham, Hannibal was a horrific critical darling during its three-season run on NBC. It gave viewers new insight into Hannibal Lecter’s motivations as a killer and saw the cannibalistic doctor attempt to turn his reluctant friend into a monster.

With the show’s third season, viewers finally got to see Graham become like Lecter, which resulted in the character throwing himself and Lecter off a cliff. The ending created a mystery as to whether the two survived, with Loverlove19 claiming, “Hannibal. I will never recover from it”, seven years after the disappearance of the series.

10 TV Shows That Ended On A Cliffhanger And Deserved A Conclusion, According To Reddit | Pretty Reel