11 TV Shows That Sadly Ended In 2022

It is evident that 2022, especially in the television sector, has been a great and magnificent year for the industry. There are plenty of fantastic shows that are off to a nice and promising start this year, including Dragon House, The ringroad and 1899. However, there are plenty of great shows that had incredible lengths before concluding their journey in 2022.

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Ranging from award-winning crime thrillers to Netflix original sitcom shows, fans have had a hard time saying goodbye to these fantastically unforgettable shows.

“Better Call Saul” (2015 – 2022)

You better call Saul is a spin-off of the award-winning show, breaking Badthe 2015 series focusing on the exploration of Jimmy McGill (Bob Odenkerk) went from a sincere lawyer and former swindler to the cocky criminal defense attorney Saul Goodman. The show also examines Mike Ehrmantraut (Jonathan Banks) moral deterioration as he turns into a violent fixer for drug dealers.

You better call Saul not only met the standards set by its predecessor, but in some respects it far exceeded them. It is also recognized as one of the most visually stunning, meticulously structured, and emotionally compelling television shows ever produced. The program ended cleanly and on a positive note, giving a lot of respect to himself and his predecessor.

“The Expanse” (2015 – 2022)

Based on James SA Coreythe series of novels of the same name, The extent takes place in the future when the solar system has been colonized by humans. The show follows a diverse group of protagonists as they unwittingly discover and find themselves at the center of a plot that jeopardizes the system’s precarious Cold War while dealing with existential problems wrought by newly discovered alien technology.

Even though the series has many more stories to tell, The extent concludes strongly with the idea that despite humanity’s deeply enduring flaws, we can still strive to be more than the sum of our parts. Despite all the glaring similarities with game of thrones, The extent did one thing its rival HBO couldn’t, which remains true to its heart.

“Grace and Frankie” (2015 – 2022)

Grace and Frankie focuses on incumbent Grace Hanson (Jane Fonda) and Frankie Bergstein (Lily Tomlin), two elderly women who become unlikely companions after learning from their husbands that they are in love and intend to marry.

The program is endearing and humorous enough to serve as the perfect comfort show to rewatch and, unsurprisingly, as one of Netflix’s longest-running scripted series. In addition, Grace and Frankie stays true to the series itself in its final episodes, delivering laughs and a heartfelt story throughout.

“This Is Us” (2016 – 2022)

It’s us covers the life of Rebecca (mandy moore) and Jack Pearson (Milo Ventimiglia) and their three children over several different time periods.

The Pearson family faces potential divorce and death throughout its run, but the series’ final episodes include some genuinely moving long-form stories that help viewers get the big picture of their lives. The show also demonstrated that audiences are knowledgeable enough to appreciate a show with two timelines running simultaneously and a mystery of how they are linked.

“The Walking Dead” (2010 – 2022)

Based on the comic book series of the same name, The Walking Dead follows a sizable ensemble cast who play the survivors of a zombie apocalypse who fight to survive while being constantly threatened by “walker” zombie attacks. The show portrays zombies as horrific and ruthless monsters, but it also demonstrates that humans are sometimes just as bad, if not worse.

The Walking DeadAll eleven seasons of is a must-watch for all aficionados of the zombie genre and horror in general due to the scale of death and destruction it depicts. There are so many distinct characters and actors to choose from, coupled with action-packed scenes, that it’s understandable the series has been going on for so long.

‘Westworld’ (2016 – 2022)

The now largely forgotten original 1970s sci-fi film of the same name served as the inspiration for the Westworld Television series, which emphasizes the fine line separating humanity from artificial life. Initially, Westworld was a theme park containing androids that serve their customers’ deepest and wildest dreams.

The brilliant decision taken in Westworld is to examine all of humanity through the eyes of androids, a perspective that improves with each subsequent viewing. With its final episodes airing in August 2022, Westworld made a confident and beautiful return by delivering a powerful ending to the beloved HBO show.

‘Atlanta’ (2016 – 2022)

Atlanta follows musical director Earnest “Earn” Marks (Donald Glover), a recent college dropout and musician Alfred “Paper Boi” Miles (Brian Tyree Henry) as they navigate their way through Atlanta’s weird and almost supernatural hip-hop industry.

The last season of Atlanta did the show’s main characters right by giving them the thoughtful and heartfelt, if not entirely happily ever after, conclusions they deserved. Plus, even after so many years, the show is still optimistic that fans will come for the ride despite the tonal inconsistencies and unpredictable swings. It also demonstrates that viewers can take a break, watch the majority of actors become more well-known, and still come back strong.

‘Ozark’ (2017 – 2022)

ozark is a Netflix original series that follows the Byrde family led by Marty (jason batman) and his wife, Wendy (played masterfully by Laura Linney) as they move to the Lake of the Ozarks and begin working as money launderers for a Mexican drug cartel.

ozark constantly proves to his audience that selling his soul, even for good intentions, is rotten and monstrous. The show’s result is an excruciatingly stressful finale that’s subtly moving and remarkable enough to cement the series among the best Netflix original shows ever made. It’s every bit as gripping, powerful, and jaw-dropping as viewers could have hoped.

“The Good Fight” (2017 – 2022)

The good fight is a direct spin-off of the award-winning legal drama, The good wife which ended in 2016. The show picks up a year after the events of the last episode of the previous show with a massive financial fraud that ruined the young lawyer Maia Rindell (Rose Leslie) reputation while destroying that of her godmother and mentor Diane Lockhart (Christine Baransky) funds.

The show, which had six flawless seasons, ended with its whimsical bent, its utter disregard for law and government, and its over-the-top parodies of emerging technology and its ramifications for law and society. Additionally, the program has done a better job than any other TV show at capturing the wild happenings of recent years, making it one of the best legal dramas ever made.

‘Peaky Blinders’ (2013 – 2022)

Peaky Blinders is a British detective show based in Birmingham, England, and chronicles the crimes committed by the titular gang in the years immediately following the First World War. The gang is partly based on the urban youth gang of the same name that operated in the city between the 1880s and the 1910s.

Peaky Blinders excels because it’s hard to watch for some people, clever beneath its action and violent sequences, and makes us think about morality and the ambiguity between good and evil. Moreover, the last season is even more dangerous, violent and political. Even though the show ended this year, Peaky BlindersThe story will continue in a movie, so we still haven’t said goodbye to this particular crime family.

“DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” (2016 – 2022)

Based on DC Comics characters and serving as a spin-off of the two Arrow and the flash, Legends of tomorrow follows a time-traveling outlaw and a motley crew of well-known heroes and villains as they face an immortal danger that has the power to wipe out not just Earth, but all of time.

Compared to shows like Arrow, Legends of tomorrow was a lighter, perfectly combined comedy and drama. Although some viewers lamented the loss of their initial favorite heroes who had been on the program since season one, the show has never been short of compelling characters.

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