14 Netflix Movies That Will Blow Your Mind Off

We recommend the best psychological thrillers that will leave you thinking for several days

Netflix It has a huge catalog of movies that it’s easy to get lost in. For this reason, I bring you a selection of films that will blow your mind as soon as you see them. Because if you want a movie that makes you think and where you see things you won’t believe, these movies are perfect.. In total, 14 stories that will leave you thinking for several days and endings that have a thousand and one interpretations..

Velvet Buzzsaw – Dan Gilroy

The director of the acclaimed “Night Crawler” come back to work with Jake Gyllenhall in “Velvet Buzzsaw”a psychological thriller in which an unknown artist will be discovered by an art commercial, which will unleash the madness of the hitherto unknown painter to take revenge on those who profit from his works now that he is dead and who will drive a renowned art critic to madness.

Birdman – Alejandro Iñárritu

Birdman is as rare as you think

A genius filmed in sequence shot style of “1917” in which an old-fashioned actor, who made it big in the past as a superhero, tries to recapture his lost glory by putting on a Broadway play. A tremendous journey through the good and bad of fame with one of those endings with a thousand and one interpretations. The film also won the Oscar for the best film of 2014. Unmissable.

Veronica – Paco Plaza

Inspired by a true story that took place in the Madrid neighborhood of Vallecas in the 90s. After making a Ouija board with some friends, a teenager is besieged by terrifying supernatural presences that threaten to harm her entire family. The excellent movie Paco Plaza play with the suggestion of the character in a story in which not everything is what it seems and not everything that happens has to be true.

Origin – Christopher Nolan

Who doesn’t remember this Origin sequence?

Sun Cobb He is a thief with an uncanny ability to enter people’s dreams and steal the secrets of their subconscious. His ability has made him very popular in the world of corporate espionage, but it has come at a great cost to the people he loves. Cobb gets a chance to redeem himself when he is given an impossible task: Plant an idea in a person’s mind. If he succeeds, it will be the perfect crime, but an enemy is anticipating his moves. One of the most applauded works of Christopher Nolan (and that’s saying a lot).

Based on a true story – Roman Polanski

Delphine has written a book, dedicated to her mother, which has become an absolute bestseller. Distraught under the weight of her fame, her situation worsens when she begins receiving letters from an obsessed fan. Eva Green shines in this portrait of an obsession directed by the genius Roman Polanski.

Babadook – Jennifer Kent

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Babadook is scary, and a lot

A troubled widow discovers that her son is telling the truth about a monster that entered her home through the pages of a children’s book. A film where terror is found in the setting and in that ending that will leave you thinking for days.

In the tall grass – Vincenzo Natali

“In the tall grass It centers on a grassy field that once you get in you can’t get out. The countryside keeps a kind of rite in which time does not pass and where temporary jumps are a constant that sometimeswill drive the characters to madness. like the viewer.

Multiple – M. Night Shyamalan

Multiple is the second installment of the trilogy that began with The Protected

M.Night Shyamalan is the director that comes to mind when we think of films that will blow your mind, and Multiple is a clear example. This second part of the trilogy started with the protégé is the best installment of the three, and all thanks to a james mcavoy that will baffle you at all times.

The hole – Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia

The world around us is divided into two classes: the powerful, and the populace. What would happen if this pyramid was moved to a prison where those at the top take advantage of those at the bottom? A thriller psychological very close to terror and gore from which you will have to look away on more than one occasion because some sequences will invite you to it.

During the storm – Oriol Paulo

during the storm 2
During the Storm is an overwhelming thriller

oriol paulo is a Spanish director whose filmography is full of successes, and after sweeping China with Setbackhe did it again with During the storm, a movie about time travel very different from the usual. Although it is somewhat confusing, this setback (never better said) is solved paying attention to his twisted script.

The crooked lines of God – Oriol Paulo

just got to Netflix, and it has done so after sweeping theaters in Spain. This adaptation of the homonymous novel by Torcuato Luca de Tena does not literally transcribe the work on which it is based, but rather adapts it to its own universe in which oriol paulo Y Guillem Clua (its writers) feel like fish in water. And what a performance by Barbara Lennie! A filmmaker who has made history with his thriller psychological, and capable of blowing your head off without blinking.

The Practitioner – Carles Torras

The practitioner
The practitioner gives us the best version of Mario Casas

jealousy is treacherous, TRUE? The Practitioner is a film that revolves around this dangerous concept in any relationship, masterfully starring Mario Casas and with a script that works like a shot in its first half. Although the second part is somewhat more conventional, the result of this psychological thriller that was a hit at the time continues to surprise.

Fracture – Brad Anderson

fracture netflix
Fracture is a good suspense movie, with some ideas that will blow your mind

The original movies of Netflix They don’t usually get very good reviews, but Fracture is a big exception: Sam Worthington will be succeeding with Avatar: The Sense of Water, but first he did it with this psychological thriller about a man who wakes up in the hospital without knowing where his family is. Nobody remembers his wife or his daughter, so the protagonist will undertake an impassive search to discover the truth.

The fourth phase – Olatunde Osunsanmi

You know why the fourth phase Will it blow your head off? Because this alien movie is far from conventional: shot as if it were a mockumentarysome scenes are so chilling that they will prevent you from discerning between what is real, and what is not. Of course, I do not think it is a film for all audiences.

14 Netflix Movies That Will Blow Your Mind Off