15 Creepy and Haunting Short Horror Films You Can Watch on YouTube… If You Dare

For many, YouTube is the place to to enjoy of gameplays videogames, tutorials of all kinds, product reviews or movies…

but few know the darkest and most sinister side of this network of videos. And it is that many amateur filmmakers take advantage of this platform to make themselves known with tremendously effective horror short films.

These 15 examples below will show you that you don’t need 90-minute movies, or high budgets, to scare the public. It is enough for you to know how to create tension and raise it in a matter of seconds.

If you’re nowhere near celebrating Halloween, Try presenting these shorts to your friends and family as an alternative to the classic horror movie marathon. Or use the short films as a break between movies.

Although most are in English, it is not necessary to understand the language to enjoy their stories. Almost all of them They develop visually.

1. TheMaiden

A real estate agent does not suspect that she is trying to sell a haunted house…with a fairly active tenant.

It was thanks to this short film that its director, Michael Chaves, caught the attention of filmmaker James Wan. This gave the keys to the universe of the movies of Warren expedient; Chavez has directed La Llorona Y Warren File 3.

two. Alexia


Alexia – Scary horror short film

Alexia achieves in a very short time what horror movies on social networks do not achieve: take advantage of these new platforms to evolve the classic genre of ghost movies.

The story revolves around Franco, a boy who doesn’t forget his ex-girlfriend Alexia even though she died a while ago. Strange things will start to happen just when you decide it’s time to move on.

3. Vicious


VICIOUS – Award Winning Short Horror Film

Have you ever been paranoid thinking that an unknown person has entered your house while you were away? Or did you get the feeling at night that the pile of clothes on the chair was more than just a pile of clothes?

Vicious plays on the most common household fears to create a short story full of tension and very effective scares. When you finish it, you will surely go through your apartment exhaustively to confirm that there is no one else.

Four. peep hole


Peephole – Short Horror Movie (2018)

Terror has always played with the concept of the other: someone who looks like you, who could be considered your missing double… but hides something else.

In less than 4 minutes, peep hole presents this idea in a new, twisted and very terrifying waya.

5. The Birch


The Birch | “The Protector” | Crypto TV Monster Universe | short-film

A short film of great visual quality in which a student who suffers from bullying decides to resort to supernatural forces to defend himself.

2 years after its premiere, The Birch became a series whose second season is already on the way. Your YouTube channel, CryptoTVspecializes in producing high-quality shorts of this type.

6. Fear Filter


Fear Filter – A Snapchat Horror Short

In recent years there have been emerging movies and short film about social networks or video calling applications.

Fear Filter focuses on add a very sinister filter to the popular Snapchat app. And the protagonist will be his beta tester without knowing it.

7. behind the door


Behind The Door – Who’s There Film Challenge (2013)

A knock on the door in the middle of the night does not usually bode well. and the call that starts the story of behind the door is not an exception.

This short film was created for the challenge who’s therea contest held in 2013 by the British production company Bloody Cuts to find new gender directors. The following short also participated and it may sound familiar to you.

8. light out


Lights Out – Who’s There Film Challenge (2013)

does the movie ring a bell never turn off the light either light out? In this supernatural story, the protagonists face a threat that only appears, and is dangerous, when the lights go out.

Well, here you have the original short that triumphed so much in the horror shorts contest who’s there that its director, David F. Sandberg, caught the attention of James Wan, producer of Warren expedientY He got the green light to turn his short story into a feature film.

9. tuck me in

This short film is so short (less than a minute) that telling even a little bit would already gut the entire plot. Do not underestimate its duration: It is tremendously effective and, if you have children, its twist will totally impact you.

As an anecdote, the short is based on a horror story… only 2 sentences! On the internet it is very fashionable to try to condense fear into very little space.

10. Sleepy Eyes


Sleepy Eyes (Horror Short Film)

Sleepy Eyes is a horror short film and also an exercise carried out by its director, Kenneth Lim Dagatan, to learn how to make a good jump scare.

A jump scare is a resource of terror that can be translated as shock Y It consists of scaring the viewer with a sudden visual change on the screen. So you can already imagine what awaits you in this short.

eleven. Zygote


Oats Studios – Volume 1 – Zygote

Neil Blomkamp, ​​known for the science fiction film District 9decided in 2017 to found Oat Studios, a production company that offered him the freedom to experiment with all kinds of weird and interesting content.

One of his productions is precisely Zygotea rather long short film (more than 20 minutes) that inherits many elements from science fiction classics such as Alien wave Stuff. When you finish watching it you will want Blomkamp to finish making the feature film.

12. Bloody Mary


Bloody Mary Horror Short film

Surely at school or in high school you heard about these macabre games where, if you repeat a sinister name 3, 4 or 5 times in front of the mirror, a supernatural being will emerge from it to give you the worst possible night.

The protagonist of this short decides to try it with the famous Bloody Mary. Spoilers: the experiment goes wrong.

13. The Ballerina


The Ballerina – Short Horror Film

Mirrors, reflections and stunt doubles have so far not boded well for this list of short films, and what it does present The Ballerina will not be an exception.

If you like its staging or its plot, perhaps it would be worthwhile to snoop around its YouTube channel, Social House Films. not only do you have a how it was made, but every month new horror short films are appearing.

14. creak


CREAK | A Short Horror Film

creak is a good example of how to perform a tension progression in less than 3 minutes and with few resources (among them, silence).

It all begins precisely when the peaceful silence of a home is broken by a crunch which does not bode well.

fifteen. Breast


MAMA short film (horror)

In 2008, filmmaker Andy Muschietti debuted with this short film about a “mother” who has just returned home, to the chagrin of the 2 protagonist girls.

The short film ended up attracting the attention of Guillermo del Toro, who decided to produce a movie with the same name that expands the story and has Jessica Chastain and Nikolaj Coster-Waldeau in the lead.

15 Creepy and Haunting Short Horror Films You Can Watch on YouTube… If You Dare