“2050, let’s open our eyes! on BFM


Thundering credits and title that slams: “We did it! We did it ! »launches Bruce Toussaint, figure of BFM-TV since 2018, at the opening of his special edition, dedicated to the day when ” we “, Earthlings, have achieved carbon neutrality – in 2050. The illusion is meant to be perfect. The journalist appears aged, salt and pepper hair and beard (more so than today) with, on the screen, the words “anticipation program”.

The all info channel has thus chosen fiction to open this unprecedented evening, on the occasion of COP27, by successively presenting two false live. While the first imagines that humans have succeeded in limiting global warming to 1.7°C, the second acknowledges the failure and lists the consequences of a global warming of 2.4°C. Before anchoring the rest of the show in the present by inviting live Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne.

Suffice to say, these artifices (columnists made up, extras) let fear the worst. In the end, they make it possible to visualize an exit from the environmental crisis that is accessible and, all in all, pleasant. Thus, in the first part, much more developed and attractive, Bruce Toussaint relaunches: “What measures made it possible to achieve such a result? » This is where we expect it.

True-false report

The answers were drawn up with specialists from Ademe and the Shift Project, the think tank founded by Jean-Marc Jancovici : end of thermal cars in 2025, and not in 2035; reduction in highway speed to 70 km/h; end of inter-European airlines; creation of a carbon card for each citizen… A real find, credited with “2 tonnes of CO equivalent2 » per year and per inhabitant (against 9 tons on average currently), to spend according to his desires, knowing that a baguette of bread “is worth” 150 grams of CO emissions2 and a round trip Paris-New York, a ton.

Importantly, this scenario does not forget to mention that China and the United States (the biggest polluters in the world with Russia) have also reduced their emissions. Funny, a real-false report goes through La Camélerie de Julien Job, installed since 2018 in Hauts-de-France, where it produces feta, soap and camel milk cosmetics.

Much less attractive, the worst-case scenario does not bring revelations

Much less attractive, the worst-case scenario brings no revelations, as the catastrophic media coverage of the climate crisis has accustomed us to the worst. On the other hand, he questions: what makes us go one way or the other?

In both versions, the decisive event is a false speech by Emmanuel Macron – “made by trickery”, mentions the image. In the first case, he has the president say that he has succeeded in having his climate plan adopted (just barely, at 51%); in the second, that he failed to convince the French. Back to the reality of 2022: the floor is with Elisabeth Borne.

2050: let’s open our eyes!docu-fiction by Isabelle Quintard, Etienne Grelet and Clément Granon (Fr., 2022, 52 min).

“2050, let’s open our eyes! on BFM-TV: from the fiction of climate scenarios to the reality of Elisabeth Borne’s words