5 Series Similar to Cobra Kai that you should like!

Discover series similar to Cobra Kai that you absolutely must watch after Cobra Kai!

Cobra Kai is available on Netflix! If you want to watch series similar to Cobra-Kai, read on! After a one-year hiatus, Cobra-Kai strikes again with its fourth season, now available to stream on netflix. With the various dojos fighting for the soul of the valley, the series comes back strong with high kicks, punches and conniving senseis. To find out when season 6 will be released, read this.

Archenemies since the ’80s, Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso find themselves teaming up to defeat evil, which has taken the form of the ruthless Cobra Kai dojo led by John Kreese. They’ll have their hands full, as cruel sensei Terry Silver is back to help Kreese dominate the Valley’s Karate Tournament, and they’re not playing fair. For the Season 5 ending explanation, read this.

Full of montages with kids banging cement blocks to classic rock music, and gory school and arcade showdowns, there’s plenty of series as Cobra-Kai to watch if you watched Season 5 all at once or if you are training to control yourself and space out the sessions. Here is a list of series similar to Cobra-Kai which should please you!

Series Similar To Cobra-Kai

iron fist

The main character of the series is the son of a billionaire industrialist, Danny Rand. Danny disappeared at a very young age and was adopted by the townspeople of K’un-Lun. With them, he grew up practicing kung fu and became a master in the field. Danny later discovers that he is the chosen one among them who can summon the legendary powers of a summoned being. the Iron Fist. Using his superior skills, he returns to New York and begins helping those in need and punishing the criminals in the city.


Warrior’s story is set in San Francisco’s Chinatown in the 19th century. The events take place during the infamous Tong War in the United States, where many members of these gangs were killed in violent attacks. The protagonist of the story is an immigrant named Ah Sahm. He is in San Francisco to search for his missing sister, but after impressing the members of Tong Hop Wei with his fighting skills, they decide to integrate him into their gang.

Teen Wolf

College lacrosse player by day, werewolf by night. The supernatural series Teen Wolf has a bit of everything from horror to screwball comedy to teenage blues. Tyler Posey plays Scott McCall, a shy high school student who stays on the sidelines at every lacrosse game until one night he is bitten by a werewolf in the woods while searching for a corpse with his best friend, Stiles. Everything literally changes overnight and he becomes the star player of the team thanks to his lightning-fast reflexes, while battling monstrous demons and supernatural forces that lurk among the training grounds and math tests.


FightQuest sees entertainers and martial arts fighters Jimmy Smith and Doug Anderson travel the world and interact with local martial arts masters. After spending about a week training with them, the two hosts demonstrate what they’ve learned by taking on the masters’ students to see if they can beat them in their own unique style. For those interested in reality shows with a dramatic twist, Fight Quest is good action-packed entertainment.

Into The Badlands

Into The Badlands follows a warrior and his young student on a journey through a post-apocalyptic feudal land called the Badlands. In their quest to master the art of combat, they also seek to achieve spiritual enlightenment while encountering barons and nobles, each with their own selfish intentions. The series was a major step forward in the depiction of martial arts on television, while avoiding the usual cliches or caricatures inherent in the genre.

5 Series Similar to Cobra Kai that you should like!