5 Shocking Star Academy Moments You May Have Forgotten

The Star Academy rocked the evenings of millions of viewers for a decade. In 2001, we discovered the castle of Dammarie-les-Lys and the first teachers and candidates of the show. For 9 seasons we followed the daily lives of students in class, in rehearsals or during bonuses. Some moments are unforgettable for better… and for worse.

Jennifer’s presentation

During the first season of the show, we got to know Olivia Ruiz, Marion and even… Jenifer, the big winner of the show. Each student was presented during the first bonus during which their main characteristics were highlighted. Jenifer, 18, was treated to a very inappropriate presentation: “Particular sign: 1.58m, 48 kilos, 90 C”.

During an interview for Le Parisien in 2021, Jenifer revealed that she had not “seen it at the time” adding: “I think I would have said it. I am very polite, very respectful, but I would have opened my mouth at that time. In any case, today, I would have been angry”.

The words of the candidates and professors

Twenty years earlier, certain remarks were broadcast in the reality tv shows without causing the outcry they would have today. Raphaëlle Ricci’s debriefs considered “muscular” at the time would be unacceptable today.

Elodie Frégé suffered from it, as she confided in the book All for Music. She remembered her teacher’s words: “But f***, you weren’t comfortable at all, how did they tie you up? You had rolls under your buttocks !” A remark that had touched the young candidate a lot: “I was bulimic and she threw it at me in front of millions of people. It was the double penalty”.

Raphaëlle Ricci replied to Elodie Frégé in a message on Facebook: “I have always assumed everything I have said and done. There it turns out that I absolutely never used the words related by Elodie to quote me […] So I’m going to believe that’s a misinterpretation. On the other hand, what happened some times is that I attacked the clothes of certain candidates, hence possible clothing bulges”.

Words from Jean-Pascal also resurfaced. Out of himself after a dance lesson, he was screaming at the cameras in 2001: “Dancing is a queer thing. It’s for the pedals! It’s for the assholes”. A freak out which made some viewers laugh at the time and which, obviously today, is enormously shocking.

The direct departure of Pierre

In November 2003, a dramatic turn of events during a Star Academy 3 prime. In front of a disconcerted Nikos, Pierre, then nominated with Lukas and Morganne, spoke: “I thank all those who voted for me and I meet me on the tour. I won’t be going back to the castle”. The young candidate then left the set running and saying: “I’m not waiting for my freedom to be given back to me, I’m taking it!”.

During the show’s anniversary bonus in 2021, Star Academy Stone returned to his departure with a fanfare: “I didn’t tell anyone. I wanted it to be really a surprise, because I didn’t want anyone trying to get me to change my mind and go into arguments endless.” He added: “I didn’t have much patience anymore. Rather than of badness Continue adventure, I preferred to go out the front door and that at least it was my personal choice. For me it was important”.

Georges-Alain’s performance on “Asereje”

Some performances are still very emotional moments for viewers. Others, on the other hand, are cult for other reasons… Georges-Alain remains an emblematic candidate for season 2 of the star Academy. Nonchalant and turbulent, he was forced to change the tube Aserejé of the Spanish trio Las Ketchup as a bonus. The result is unforgettable: a lost and halfhearted Georges-Alain on the Star Academy set for a hilarious performance.

The performance of Grégory Lemarchal on “SOS of a land in distress”

Above all, there are moments in the show that were significant because they provoked strong emotion among viewers. The premiums during which Gregory Lemarchal sang are some of the show’s most unforgettable moments. His SOS portrayal of an earthling in distress remains one of the most emotional moments of all the show’s seasons combined.


5 Shocking Star Academy Moments You May Have Forgotten