6 Halloween movies that rethink the concept of witches

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The witch movies They are always one of the most sought after in this season of Halloween, perhaps because of this mysticism that surrounds them. This figure has become a part of popular culture and is usually related to negative connotations, leaving aside other concepts related to wisdom and nature.

In these recommendations, the figure of the witch beyond a mystical being with a hat and broom and gives way to let us see women who are harassed, with fears and who will seek healing through magic, love and revenge.

1. You won’t be alone

After being locked in a cave by her mother, who feared that a witch to take her daughter when she turned 16, Navena will unexpectedly find freedom after establishing a maternal bond with the witch.

“Goran Stolevski takes us to the 19th century in search of answers to questions that continue to haunt the human mind today. A story that shows us the constant internal struggle between good and evil, gender inequality and the prejudices of society.”

Navena will get to know the world for the first time, she will experience pleasures, pain and anguish but above all, she will face the roles of a patriarchal society that chains mothers, daughters and wives; An apology for her when she was deprived of her liberty in that cave?

2. Hagazussa

Set in the fifteenth century in the Alps, we are shown the story of a sick mother with her daughter Auburn who takes care of her, however, they are accused of witchcraft by the townspeople.

After the death of her mother, Auburn decides to stay in the cabin, as the priest’s mistreatment becomes unbearable, until one day she meets a woman who will lead her to question her own reality and commit unimaginable acts.

Hagazussa is a dark film that maintains the tension at all times, challenging the dreamlike truth.

3. She will

After a double mastectomy, Veronica will travel to Scotland to receive care in a clinic, however, after a while she will discover that the healing is not only physical but also, she will need to heal her painful past and find the meaning of her existence.

This tale of witches It will begin to develop when he meets a nurse, together, they will find multiple answers (revenge) in their dreams and supernatural forces.

4. Hungry Wives

A middle-aged woman stuck in monotony, a teenage daughter who ignores her and an absent husband will become the perfect pieces for this film. Joan will begin to get involved in witchcraft in the company of other neighboring women; This film maintains the tension of eroticism and sexuality, becoming one of George A. Romer’s horror classics.


This film explores how difficult the mother-daughter relationship is, especially when the search for freedom and independence begins. With a youthful terror, the young woman will discover an insatiable need for power and will experience the rejection of her mother who had isolated her in the forest.

“Hellbender” is exciting and purposeful cinema with a rebellious spirit. It is a macabre film that explores themes of identity and maturity on its own terms”, exposes the specialized portal, the statuette.

6. I am not a witch

Directed by Rungano Nyoni, a Zambian filmmaker, this film won a BAFTA Award in 2018. I am not a witch tells the story of an orphan girl who is accused of witchcraft and mistreated; The irony appears when she becomes a celebrity and manages to make a profit after convincing the population that she has supernatural powers; it becomes a fiction come true.


6 Halloween movies that rethink the concept of witches