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What famous series have gained that look through their cliffhangers? This is a word that sounds very good and is said with great freedom when talking about television series. Cliffhanger. Dammit. Sounds great, right? But what exactly is it? What do we mean when we use this Anglo-Saxon concept?

A cliffhanger, basically, is a narrative device that places a character or story plot in a truly dire situation. Therefore, this creates in the viewer the need to see the next episode, not to allow them to leave the viewing, to keep them expectant, eager to discover more about that story.

The cliffhanger is not something that television series have invented, because novels have also used this narrative resource since time is time. Surely even bards did it in ancient times. However, it has been the series that have taken advantage of its serial format (weekly release) to exploit the possibilities offered by the resource.

In fact, with the consolidation of the Netflix format (episode marathon), the resource of the cliffhanger has been lost and diluted. Now has returned stronger than ever thanks to Disney+ series, most of them franchises or sagas for mass consumption. However, you have had many examples before. And, by the way, very good teachers.

These are the 7 well-known series that broke it thanks to their cliffhangers!

1) Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Created by Joss Whedon and starring Sarah Michelle Gellar, Buffy the Vampire Slayer is one of the most beloved series by fans..

Through seven seasons and 145 episodes, the show dominated the serial format like no one else and used cliffhangers sensibly, not overusing them, but taking great advantage when necessary.

2) The Sopranos

the sopranos

Created by David Chase and starring James Gandolfini, The Sopranos is considered by many to be the best series in history.. Of course, if it isn’t, it looks like it.

An atypical story of gangsters and criminals that, beyond consolidating itself through loud episode closures, became great due to the enormous journey it entailed for an entire generation of viewers.

3) Lost

Lost - Miles and Sawyer

Created by JJ Abrams and Damon Lindelof and starring Matthew Fox and Evangeline Lilly, among many others, Lost is the series that made the best use of cliffhangers.

Many have considered it as the first great program of the “Golden Age” of the series, the one that opened all the doors. Of course, its format has been successfully replicated over and over again.

4) Oliver and Benji (Champions)

Captain Tsubasa (Oliver and Benji)

Directed by Hiroyoshi Mitsunobu from Yoichi Takahashi’s manga, Oliver and Benji (Champions) is one of the most remembered anime of all time.

It’s not that he used cliffhangers to keep viewers, it’s that you had no choice but to keep watching episodes to find out how the hell those games ended. Some lasted more than six chapters.

5) Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks

Created by David Lynch and starring Kyle MacLachlan and Lara Flynn Boyle, Twin Peaks is one of the most fascinating series on television..

This dramatic and supernatural thriller kept up the intrigue with a script and exceptional episode endings. Some of them are still preserved in the memory of the most nostalgic.

6) Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones

Created by David Benioff and DB Weiss as an adaptation of Song of ice and fire, Game of Thrones is one of the best examples of how cliffhangers can be more useful than keeping you on your toes..

How many episode endings do you remember? We, more than ten. Of course, the famous Red Wedding takes the cake, but what about the death of Jon Snow? Tremendous.

7) Dallas

Dallas (1978)

Created by David Jacobs and starring Larry Hagman, Barbara Bel Geddes and Ken Kercheval, among many others, Dallas is one of the great classics of American television. A dramatic and familiar story that marked so many generations that its most famous cliffhanger was honored in The Simpsons with the emblematic episode of Maggie and Mr. Burns.

Do you remember any other series that is remembered for its cliffhangers? Leave it to us in the comments!

7 well-known series that broke it thanks to its cliffhangers