“Alma”, a series marked by amnesia and supernatural phenomena

Maria Munoz Rivera

In 2005, director Sergio G. Sánchez experienced a traffic accident that caused him amnesia, an experience that has served as the seed for the Alma series, a thriller where supernatural phenomena, mysticism and the loss of memories make up a cocktail that, he tells Efe , “talks about finding one’s own identity, something that takes us a lifetime”.

Mireia Oriol, Milena Smit, Pol Monen, Alex Villazán, Claudia Roset, Javier Morgade, Nil Cardoner and María Caballero star in this horror series on Netflix -nine episodes that will be released this August 19th all over the world- and in which fables, true stories converge and, according to its creator, “a lot of emotional component”.

“‘Alma’ was born as a short film that I wrote after having had that near-fatal accident,” explains the director about the seed of a project that evolved into a feature film to finally materialize in a series that, “from a fantastic context, speaks how we ended up becoming a mixture of our memories”.

Shot between Asturias and Barcelona, ​​the fiction tells the story of Alma (Mireia Oriol), a young woman who suffers from amnesia after a strange traffic accident during a school trip in which many of her classmates die. “We have created a kind of fable,” says the director of “The Secret of Marrowbone” (2017)

The Asturian uses some episodes that he personally experienced, although “lowered” in intensity. “I didn’t want the series to be a clinical case, but rather to make the viewer doubt whether what they see is reality or not, so that they try to put the pieces together,” he explains about the plot of the series, for which a casting was made between more than two thousand actors.

“Alma”, a series marked by amnesia and supernatural phenomena