Alma on Netflix: Synopsis, trailer, cast, curiosities and criticism

It is enough to hear the concept “youth series” to be filled with prejudices. Right off the bat, we can imagine a honeyed story dealing with envy, romance, and plenty of intimate encounters. Sometimes you’re in the mood, sometimes you’re not. A little to get out of that script, Netflix premiered the Serie Soulwhich is committed to mixing suspense, supernatural themes, horror and fantasy. Is it the pill we need?

It is the first television fiction created by Sergio G. Sanchezwho you may remember as the screenwriter of The impossiblewhich presented the true story of Dr. María Belón during the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami. He is also popular for being the screenwriter of Juan Antonio Bayona’s debut feature, The orphanage. Undoubtedly, films that invite you to see what it has to offer on television and the world of streaming.



The Serie Soul Netflix it seeks to be different, but that does not mean that it achieves all its objectives. It is aimed at those who do not want a simple story. In the end, the creator pursues the goal of addressing emotional issues, so some viewers may experience moments of catharsis. In the end, the goal seems to show an emotional journey through confused and overwhelmed characters.

release date of Soul When does it come out?

The Serie Soul has been on the Netflix streaming platform since the past August 19, 2022. It is a production of Sospecha Films, which has Xavi Giménez in charge of Photography and Fernando Velázquez in charge of Music.

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There are several alternatives in streaming that you can enjoy if you like drama, suspense and intrigue. Here are some titles that might interest you:

synopsis of Soul on Netflix What is it about?

Alma Netflix series poster

A young woman tries to recover her identity after an accident that erased many things. She will seek to unravel the mystery behind that tragic episode. Her attempts will lead her to experience unknown things. The loss of her memories causes anguish, especially when you don’t know who to trust.

This is the official synopsis from the series Soul in Netflix:



“After losing her memory in a strange accident that killed almost all her classmates, Alma tries to find out what happened that day… and recover her identity,” we can read on the platform.

Official series trailer

The Serie Soul has an ingenious proposal. It may deteriorate with narrative errors or get lost along the way, but it is a journey that many will want to be part of. The air of mystery and suspense is fed by a staging that generates concern.

We share the trailer of Soul series of Netflix:

Cast of the series Soul from Netflix Who are the actors?

Mireia Oriol
The series caused division among critics

The main character of the plot is Soulwho comes to life on the screen thanks to the actress Mireia Oriol. In general, a good performance from the native of Argentona, who until now was best known for her role as Lorena in Les de L’hoquei. Other movies where she has been are ESO Occult Supernatural Entity, The Covenant, Touched by Fire Y The art faith return.

In an interview for Esquire, Oriol spoke about the high degree of nervousness he experienced as it was his first leading role in a television series. It was a mental and physical challenge, but one that, fortunately for his career and that of all the spectators, he knew how to solve brilliantly.

“In the first week of rehearsals I had real anxiety, I started to cry because I thought they were going to realize that I wasn’t capable and they were going to kick me out. Imposter syndrome. But Sergio guided me in the search. He is very reserved, but with a special sensitivity to enliven your imagination and that everything is born from you. He has the power to make you transcend blockages and insecurity. Between him, the coach Yasmina Rincón and I built the road”, he mentioned.

This is the list of actors who made up the cast of Soul:

  • Mireia Oriol is Alma
  • Alex Villazan
  • Pol Monen as Bruno
  • claudia rosette
  • Javier Morgade
  • Milena Smit is Nico
  • Mary Knight
  • Marta Belaustegui
  • Elena Irureta is Aurora
  • Mario Tardon is Carlos
  • Josean Bengoetxea
  • Kandido Uranga
  • Raul Badger
  • Alexander Serrano
  • Celia Tailor
  • Nil Cardone
  • Katia Borlado
  • Ximena Vera

Curiosities about the series

Mireia Oriol
The series was created by Sergio G. Sánchez

Let’s reveal some curious facts about the series Soul from netflix, the actors and the creator. I’m sure you’ll find them interesting!

  • Mireia Oriol began her professional career as a model. However, she followed the advice of an adviser of hers who encouraged her to try her hand at acting. That was how she started studying acting in London for a couple of years.
  • Sergio G. Sanchez managed to get the Goya Award in the category of Best Original Screenplay for the movie The orphanage.
  • Oriol’s debut on the big screen took place in 2009 with the film IT Hidden Supernatural Entity.
  • The first film of Sergio G. Sanchez as director he was The Secret of Marrowbonewhich was produced by Guillermo del Toro and Juan Antonio Bayona.
  • The actor Álex Villazán is best known for the role of Miquel in Skam Spain, In addition to having stood out to critics for his work in The curious incident of the dog at midnight.

where to watch the series Soul?

soul scene
The actress confessed to suffering from anxiety for fear of not being up to the project

At the moment, you can only watch the series on Netflix because it is an original production of the streaming platform.

It is made up of a total of 9 episodeseach of them with a duration ranging from 40 to 60 minutes.

Criticisms, reviews and opinions

Mireia Oriol
The series is composed of 9 episodes in its Season 1

The Serie Soul Netflix has mixed reviews in the entertainment press. Most of them are positive, so you could be right to choose it for your next television thriller. Journalists and film analysts appreciate the effort to offer something different from the traditional youth series. In addition to acknowledging the intentions of its creator, they praised the work of Mira Oriol.

Joel Keller, one of our favorite critics, has a severe opinion about this fiction after considering that it gets lost in its own tangles. He thus he expressed it in the complete review of him for decide.

“…it seems like it’s going to be more of a confusing series about teenage relationships than one about supernatural forces. Either way, the supposedly terrifying moments during the first episode are mostly subtle to garner some sort of reaction…” she said.

In your reviewour dear Karina Adelgaard believes that the series of Sergio G. Sanchez for Netflix. In his opinion, it achieves some interesting things within the psychological horror genre.

“…there are elements in Alma that reminded me of the brilliant horror of the Spanish film El orfanato. Above all, when the red ball comes into play (…) If you like psychological horror series with a mystery at the center, take a look at this one! ”, He pointed out.

We would like you to share your opinion and brief criticism about the series. Did you like it? Do you recommend it to other readers? Thank you always for reading, commenting and sharing!

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Alma on Netflix: Synopsis, trailer, cast, curiosities and criticism