Alma: what do Internet users think of this new supernatural series? (Notice)

Netflix has indeed decided to move up a gear before the start of the school year. And this weekend the platform of streaming demonstrated it again. Subscribers must not have known where to turn between the third part of the erotic-Polish franchise “365 days”, the psychological thriller “Echos” and the German spy series entitled “Kleo” and can -maybe they just missed out on”Alma”? Never mind, the new supernatural series awaits them with open arms.

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If “Alma” has made a discreet entry into the catalog, it seems that she has everything of a great and according to our predictions, she should continue to make aficionafos. This is what is happening as the original series composed of 9 episodes continues its rise in the charts of the most viewed content. She ranks eighth ahead of season 4 of the show “Glow-up” and the anime “Tekken Bloodline“.

In search of his past and his identity

Available from Friday, August 19, 2022, “Alma” focuses on a young woman who wakes up in the hospital with no memory of the bus crash she survived that resulted in the death of almost all of her classmates. Her house is full of memories that are not hers and the amnesia like the trauma from which she suffers causes night terrors in her as well as visions that she cannot elucidate. With the help of her parents and her friends, who have become complete strangers, she will try to unravel the mystery surrounding her accident, while striving to resume her life and find her identity.

What do Internet users think of the fantastic series “Alma”? (Notice)

Alma: what do Internet users think of this new supernatural series? (Notice)