Angela Lansbury: let’s remember her with some of her must

Angela Lansbury passed away at 96: we show you five of her interpretations that you can catch up on streaming, plus a couple of extras.

Undoubtedly at the news of the death Of Angela Lansbury you will have come up with the musical theme of Murder, she wrote: it is normal to link the great actress to the role of Jessica Fletcherbut with this brief guide we also want to direct you towards the other leading roles that have marked his careerexplaining where to find these works on the platforms stream.

The five mythical roles of Angela Lansbury in streaming

Let’s cut the bull’s head right away: Angela Lansbury for twelve years it was Jessica Fletcherthriller writer able to solve mysteries even in real life, in Murder, she wrote (Murder, She Wrote, 1984-1996). The series was created by Peter S. Fischer together with two TV veterans, those Richard Levinson and William Link who years earlier had created the brilliant Colombo with Peter Falk. Find all the seasons of the Lady in light yellow on Mediaset Play, and it is undoubtedly a must-see. Incredibly, Angela received twelve Primetime Emmy nominations… but she never won!

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Little extra: what helped tie Lansbury to crime was his performance in the 1980 film Mirror Murderfrom Agatha Christie, where it was Miss Marple in an all-star cast. If you are interested in recovery, the feature film is flat if you are a subscriber to Infinity+ on Mediaset Play. Alternatively, it can be rented or purchased on Google Play or Apple TV.

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Angela Lansbury was just nineteen when she got hers first Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actressfor its part in Anguish (Gaslight, 1944): the George Cukor’s noir thriller earned the statuette as best protagonist Ingrid Bergman, and the film also won for production design, but Angela’s clever maid Nancy convinced the audience and the Academy. It wouldn’t have been a meteor. You can find it on Prime Video, Chili or Apple TV.

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On the other hand, Angela Lansbury proved her worth again, soon after, with The Picture of Dorian Gray (1945), directed by Albert Lewyn and starring George Sanders and Hurd Hatfield, in the adaptation by Oscar Wilde. Her preparation allows her to easily play the role of the singer Sybil Vane, which guarantees her second Oscar nomination, again in a supporting role. This is also on Prime Video, Chili or Apple TV.

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Several years later his mocking subscription to this Oscar as a supporting actor is confirmed which he never managed to win (although in 2014 he received an honorary one for his career). The third occasion is Go and kill (1962, by John Frankenheimer), first adaptation of the thriller “The Manchurian Candidate” by Richard Condon. An acrobatic performance that of Angela, because in the film she plays the mother by Sergeant Raymond Shaw, but actor Laurence Harvey, born in 1928, had only three years younger than her! Find the feature film on MGM, Prime Video channel.

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How can we then forget the witch’s apprentice Miss Price in the mythical Bedknobs and broomsticks (1971) by Robert Stevenson? A few years later, Disney tried again the “Mary Poppins formula” card, putting this film right on the shoulders of Angela Lansbury and a veteran like David Tomlinson. In addition to the many songs, there was also a beautiful section of animated drawings by Ward Kimball, veteran of the studio. Of course you find this cult of many childhoods on Disney+.
Remaining on Disney +, if you are among the viewers who occasionally also listen to something in the original language, in the The beauty and the Beast animated of 1991 Mrs. Potts was dubbed Angela Lansbury: and it was her voice that accompanied the two lovers in the unforgettable dance floor, on the notes of the song of the same name.

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Angela Lansbury: let’s remember her with some of her must-see streaming roles