Beau is Afraid: the trailer of the film by Ari Aster with Joaquin Phoenix

After Hereditary And Midsummar the visionary and disturbing director returns behind the camera

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Ari Aster directs Joaquin Phoenix in Beau is Afraidthe new film that was released on very first trailer that intrigues and promises a different experience. The director of metaphorical and intriguing horrors, Hereditary And Midsummaris his third film which should be released in theaters on next April 2023. The first few images hint at certain traits of her style that we’ve seen before, and Phoenix appears to go through various ages throughout the film. However, according to some sources, it won’t be horror.

Beau is Afraid: the plot of the movie


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Ari Aster defined Beau is Afraid a “nightmare comedy”or rather a film bordering on the absurd that exalts creative confusion between drama and comedy reflecting on the meaning of life. The protagonist Beau, played by Joaquin Phoenix, is a man who suffers from anxiety, but has a pleasant appearance and a complicated relationship with his mother. He never knew his father and when his mother passes away, Beau embarks on a journey during which he will encounter supernatural threats. From the trailer the tone of the film does not look like Hereditary And Midsummarso audiences and critics may be disappointed or surprised by Beau is Afraid.

The cast of Beau is Afraid


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This first trailer Of Beau is Afraid maintains a certain ambiguitybut some members of the cast in addition to Phoenix who we will see star in the film. Amy Ryan, Parker Posey, Kylie Rogers, Richard Kind, Nathan Lane and Armen Nahapetian are among the protagonists of this story that promises to be outside the box. Phoenix is ​​set to return as Arthur Fleck for the sequel of Joker by Todd Phillips coming soon, but in the meantime he has also been praised for his recent performance in the black and white film C’Mon C’Mon.

Beau is Afraid: the trailer of the film by Ari Aster with Joaquin Phoenix