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Tessa and Skylar live the love that every couple would like to live, share tastes, be accomplices, be friends, etc., however, everything that can be dreamed of as a couple in this life ends when they experience a tragic situation, as manifested in the movie The In Between (Between life and death).

The film, which is directed by filmmaker Arie Posin, is ranked one of the most watched on Netflix in Ecuador, according to data from April 16. It is also ranked number one in the global top 10 of the platform, in which, in the week of April 4 to 10, it obtained 26,770,000 hours viewed, of films in English.

It is starring Joey King as Tessa and Kyle Allenwho plays Skylar.

Tessa is a young woman who had a hard childhood and adolescence, her house was in different foster homes, and the affection, mainly love, was very little, which made her believe that she was not worthy of being loved. But everything changes when one day she decides to go to the movies and she meets Skylar, who helps her with the subtitles of the French movie they watched together.

Joey King, the chameleonic protagonist of the film ‘The Kissing Booth 2’, from Netflix

The friendship between the two grows and as time goes by it turns into love, in this way Tessa gives herself the opportunity to let herself be loved. As in any relationship, disagreements arose and unfortunately an accident occurs in which he loses his life, a situation that destroys Tessa, who during her recovery begins to feel that Skylar is trying to communicate from the afterlife, situations that will lead her to find the answers. on the 116-minute tape.

Criticism of specialists

Although the film is among the most viewed on the platform of streamingthe criticism of specialists is divided.

“The condescending ending feels cheated (…) It also takes too long to get to that point. But it’s hard to imagine its target audience complaining about this modest and forgettable sleepover movie,” said René Rodríguez of Variety.

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“This cloying plot could be tolerated if its characters were more likeable; instead, they are pretense personified,” said Lena Wilson of New York Times.

“Joey King and Kyle Allen have remarkable chemistry and the love story is beautiful,” said Ricky Valero of Ready Steady Cut.

Between life and death is based on the idea of ​​Marc Klein (signs of love), he is also the author of the script. It is produced by Robbie Brenner (Dallas Buyers Club: The Homeless Club); Andrew Deane (Secret mission), as well as King.

King, 22, has also been the protagonist of, among other productions, the trilogy of The kissing booth. On July 1, on Hulu, it will premiere Princessa project in which the actress is also a part.

While Allen, 27, has participated in Love without barriers, The Path, American Horror Story: Apocalypse, The map of the perfect moments, For all my lifeamong other. (AND)

‘Between life and death’, a Netflix supernatural love movie, the most watched in Ecuador | Television | Entertainment