Blue Line 27 August: Donatella Bianchi visits the Gargano

The presenter reaches Puglia to explore the beauties of the Gargano area.

A new episode of Blue Line. At the helm Donatella Bianchi, flanked by Fabio Gallo. As usual the appointment is up Rai 1 at 14:00, immediately after the news.

Last week the presenter visited Alicudi and Filicudi, in the Aeolian Islands. Today, however, he moves to Puglia to patrol the Gargano.

Linea Blu 27 August, Gargano, the National Park

In the August 27 episode of Linea Blu Donatella Bianchi reaches Puglia to visit the Gargano. It is an almost entirely mountainous territory formed by limestone rocks. They also reach the coast which houses some caves of indescribable beauty.

There first step and the Umbra Forest which in 2017 is recognized UNESCO heritage for its ancient beech woods. There nature reserve offers visitors the opportunity to follow 15 aided paths which develop for a length of 54 km. There is also a Naturalistic Museum divided into three sections: one naturalistic collection with many dead animals, one archaeological collection composed of exhibits and a model which depicts the Gargano promontory in scale.

The Umbra Forest is managed by Gargano National Park, which last year celebrated 30 years of activity. It was in fact established in 1991. The National Park is characterized by a rich vegetation it’s a conspicuous variety of fauna. Beyond beech, yew, maple, lime, Alepian pine it is possible to admire wild boars, weasels, fallow deer and five different species of woodpeckers.

Linea Blu, the Trabucchi

Donatella Bianchi in the episode broadcast today also shows viewers the Trabucchi. They are gods ancient fishing machines made of wood. These giants of the sea dominate the coasts of Vieste and Peschici and some of them are still functional.

The presenter also interviews some members of the diver nucleus of the Coast Guard for an important project. They are in fact engaged in recovery of the “Remains” on the depths of the Gargano. They are gods plastic nets used inmussel farming and it is very complicated dispose of such industrial waste.

With some exponents of Legambiente illustrates the project Life Muscles. It was born from the idea of ​​promoting an innovative and circular supply chain that can benefit the economy and the sea for drastically reduce the dispersion of these networks in water. It has two areas, one where the recycling plant will be developed and the other where the nets are replaced with others made of different materials.

This week Fabio Gallo is located on the Tyrrhenian Sea to take care of SEA project. On board a sailing catamaran of forty-five feet, with a laboratory annexed, we sail for twelve weeks to analyze the health of our seas.

Blue Line 27 August: Donatella Bianchi visits the Gargano