Channing Tatum’s Canceled X

Some concept art reveals a preview of a planned scene from Channing Tatum’s film Gambit who died in development hell.

We may never know what it would have been like to see Channing Tatum star in the Gambit movie that never saw the light of day, but fans can get a little glimpse thanks to a recently released concept art. For years, Tatum had been attached to a planned Gambit movie, but the film ultimately died in development hell before production could ever begin. The X-Men franchise putting on ice with plans to reboot the group for the MCU has suspended production on all projects following these characters for now, without the upcoming Deadpool 3 which features Hugh Jackman returning as Logan.

In any case, Gambit’s future is unclear, but lead illustrator and screenwriter Anthony Winn provided storyboard frames that were created for the unmade film. The four images, shared on ArtStation (by The Direct), reveal Tatum’s Gambit sitting on a van near a small shack he presumably calls home. He’s holding a bottle of bourbon that appears to be energized by the character’s superpowers, the superhero clearly angry at something. He throws the bottle, exploding it away while knocking down a fence. That’s all we’re given, but the small handful of images provide some clues about the canceled feature.

See frames below.

Too bad for those involved that the project did not succeed. Tatum’s co-star who would also have starred as Bella Donna Boudreaux, Lea Seydoux, recently described the script as “really good,” noting that the movie had a lot of comedic elements with its acting.

“The script was really good, there were some fun bits, but they wanted to do more of a comedy,” she said. “I feel like in America people have more imagination. I’ve been offered films that are very, very far from what I’ve done and I’m like, ‘Oh. Interesting.’ I like to feel that I can adapt. For me, it’s very exotic.

Gambit becomes Nixed traumatized Channing Tatum

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Seydoux was obviously disappointed that Gambit was dead, but for Tatum it was beyond devastating. The actor also explained that the movie was basically a dream project for him, and he described the project’s cancellation as a feeling of losing a close friend. Tatum also admitted that he hasn’t been able to watch any Marvel movies since, as it reminds him a lot of his movie Gambit getting crashed.

“Once Gambit left, I was so traumatized,” he explained. “I turned off my Marvel machine. I couldn’t see any of the movies. I loved this character. It was too sad. It was like losing a friend because I was so ready to play him. I would like them to reconsider, because it is a very good project. Maybe one day. »

Who knows what will happen with the future of the X-Men in the MCU, but until official casting announcements are made, it remains possible that Tatum could one day appear as Gambit.

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