Children’s films about sustainability and the environment | The time is

The interest in promoting the I respect And care environmental and animal has gone in increase. The Cinema industryaware of this, has included in his narrative new stories. Many of them designed to instruct, educate and move at new generations.

Watching a movie, as well as being a activity of leisure very entertaining, allows you to enjoy time in the company of the whole family. It also supposes a resource to learn new things and inculcate certain values.

Next, we leave you a series of films that will meet two objectives. On the one hand, entertain. On the other hand, serving as allies to teach something crucial in a didactic and entertaining way. That is, preserve the environment and promote the animal respect.

Highly recommended children’s films about sustainability and the environment

wall e

Premiered in 2008this movie is a classic whose plot, dialogue and animations have convinced both the public and critics. The film tells the wall e story. Is a robot whose task it is to carry out chores of cleaning in the earth after being abandoned by humans in a catastrophic state.

The protagonist Fall in love of EVE. EVA is a robot whose mission on Earth is to investigate if there is any vestige of life that allows humanity to inhabit it again.

During the movie, the apocalyptic atmosphere invades the screen, showing bleak scenes and landscapes. In them, the trash and the contamination charge leadership. However, the discovery of a small plant opens the doors to hope.

This film shows the debate on waste generation and hyperconsumption. Likewise, it highlights the importance of recycling and the care of the biodiversity. Without forgetting that trying to bring reflection on the sustainability of the planet in a tender and optimistic way.

The lorax: in search of the lost trúfula

The film tells the history of a 12 year old boy tedthat it lives totally disconnected from nature. Live in a place where there is no neither plants nor flowers. To win the girl of her dreams, he must find the seeds of the Truffula tree.

Throughout the adventure you will meet lorax. The Lorax is a charming yet ill-tempered creature who fights to protect an endangered world. She does it by throwing a message on importance of the care of the environment and to work together to preserve nature.


Besides being one of the highest grossing movies and winners of the history Avatar throws a important message about caring for the environment. For this reason, it is interesting to include it in the list of children’s films on sustainability and the environment.

Directed by James Cameron, the film counts as a newcomer of the Land embarks on a epic adventure. And she does so by coming to fight, in the end, to save the strange world he has learned to call his home.

History puts on the table the Union of human with the nature and the need to care for and respect animal and human life.

Minuscule, the valley of the lost ants

In a little valleythe remains of an abandoned picnic cause a confrontation between two tribes of ants: the black and the red. The reason for the disagreement? A box of sugar that no one is willing to give up.

Children’s films about sustainability and the environment | The time is