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Initiated by the creator of the series Tokyo Ghoulmanga Choujin X adopts the point of view of teenagers confronted with the appearance of supernatural powers. This second volume digs deeper into their personality and takes on an obvious social dimension.

We find at the beginning of this new episode of Choujin X Ely, the young farmer from tomeïto, and Tokio, the unobtrusive teenager walking in the shadow of his friend Azuma. The two characters are, however, resized in the light of unexpected superpowers. Together they face an evil choujin that has taken the form of a particularly iconic giant serpent. For Tokio, it’s time for the first lessons: he injures his arm due to his inability to correctly gauge the power he delivers, which apparently often happens to zoomorphs still in their infancy. These initiatory reliefs are quickly coupled with the discovery of a private training institute, with the aim of repressing supermen who misuse their powers. It is there, in Yamatomori, that Tokio and Ely will seek to acquire their registration certificate and rise (at least) to rank B, a status ensuring that they can exploit their faculties in the event of an emergency.

Always very inspired on the graphic level, where the grandiose and referenced thumbnails (Alien, the plague doctors…) follow one another without stopping, Sui Ishida does not forget to characterize his young protagonists, nor to confer a social dimension to his manga. Thus, while being questioned about his dreams, Tokio is unable to utter a single word. He thinks for a moment of his friend Azuma, finds nothing satisfying to say and then shuts himself up in a bewildering silence, evocative of his unthought. Could it be that the teenager was so subordinated to Azuma that he forgot to indulge in the most banal introspections? Ely, she is more direct: she aspires to wealth, but not for venal ends, since she would like above all to help her grandfather. During their wanderings, the two companions will cross paths with Shiozaki, a former high school baseball player, forced to hang up after revealing his true nature as a choujin to the world – disqualifying as it is.

He raises his brother and sister alone. He takes liberties with the rules and propriety to achieve this, come what may. His superpowers have paradoxically diminished him, preventing him from realizing himself: the one who struggled to break into baseball to escape his gloomy daily life in Yamato now has no choice but to scrape a living in his quarters. poor, marginalized in the south of the province. Sui Ishida thus portrays an ambivalent, complex character, concerned about the well-being of his loved ones but disillusioned by the hardships endured. If this second volume of Choujin X owes him a lot, he is also distinguished by the newly stale technique of the “raise” and by the summoning of the criminal Ririka and her tentacled bodyguard, about whom we still know little. The story, under construction, thus leaves some beautiful promises unresolved…

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Choujin X (T.02)Sui Ishida
Glénat, November 2022, 276 pages

“Choujin X” already back at Glénat | LeMagduCine