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Spoilers for Marvel Comics’ Punisher #7 In an epic battle between former allies, Daredevil and the Punisher clash, with the Fist King delivering a biting insult to the Fist of the Beast In a new preview of Marvel Comics’ Punisher #7, Matt Murdock punches Frank Castle where it hurts, wondering if he even really gave his recently returned wife a choice by saying ’til death do us part’ during their wedding vows because she was resurrected without any contribution.

Frank Castle’s Punisher was transformed into the Marvel Universe, as the deadly vigilante took on the mantle of Fist of the Beast in exchange for The Hand resurrecting his dead wife, Maria. The new big killer of the assassin cult gained incredible supernatural powers due to his bond with the Beast, which led to the Punisher becoming almost unrecognizable to the world. However, as his wife is resurrected by The Hand and told that his children will come next, Daredevil pays the Punisher a visit, where he lets Castle know that his actions cannot continue.

In an all-new preview of Punisher #7 from Marvel Comics VC’s Jason Aaron, Jesus Saiz, Paul Azaceta, Dave Stewart, and Cory Petit, Daredevil confronts the Punisher at the Citadel of the Hand, where he insults him, telling him his new role is “beyond pale, Frank.” Even for you. Matt Murdock calls out Frank Castle for thinking he had any control over The Hand and says he’s only being used to “ruin and slaughter”. As Punisher tells Daredevil to leave, the Protector of Hell’s Kitchen asks if his dead wife has been resurrected, wondering if she’s even good enough to answer. Daredevil continues to express his disappointment with Punisher, asking if his resurrected wife even had a choice when they originally said “till death do us part” during their wedding vows.

Daredevil and Punisher are about to start a supernatural war

Daredevil hits the Punisher where it hurts, as his wife is a great source of sadness, pain, and frustration for the anti-hero. Suggesting that he sully her memory by resurrecting her naturally lights a fuse under Frank Castle, even though he probably knows bringing her back to life was dangerous. With Punisher currently serving as the Fist of the Beast and Daredevil recently getting a new role in the Marvel Universe as the Fist King, the longtime allies are about to begin a new supernatural war in the Marvel Universe. Check out the text solicitation for Marvel Comics’ Punisher #7, which teases the arrival of Daredevil and memories of the return of Punisher’s wife, Maria Castle.

DAREDEVIL AS A GUEST! As Frank struggles with demons inside and out, Maria Castle finds more and more memories, including those fateful days when her husband returned from the war. Or did he?

While insulting the Punisher to join The Hand and resurrect his dead wife might seem like a cheap move by Daredevil, his concerns are well-founded. Punisher only serves as the fist of the beast to bring his family back to life, an endeavor that surely won’t feature a happy ending for the hero – something Matt Murdock knows. Punisher and Daredevil will face off in Marvel Comics’ Punisher #7, which hits comic book stores Wednesday.

Daredevil vs Punisher officially begins with an unforgivable insult | Pretty Reel