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In the near future, the teenagers have been decimated by an unknown virus. The survivors, endowed with uncontrollable psychic powers, are classified by color according to the danger they represent for society, and parked in camps. Ruby, one of the most powerful of them, manages to escape from it to join a group of young people on the run in search of refuge. Quickly, this new “family” realizes that fleeing will not be enough in a world where the adults in power have betrayed them. They will lead a rebellion, uniting their powers to regain control of their future.

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Darkest Minds: Rebellion - "People might be surprised"

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While we thought that the last part of the saga “The Labyrinth” was the last survivor of the wave of adaptations of teen-SF literature, now “Darkest Minds: Rebellion” comes out of nowhere in the heart of the summer to relaunch the movement with a new franchise based on the series of novels “Les Insoumis” by Alexandra Bracken – and not Jean-Luc Mélenchon, yes, we saw you coming! One fine day, 90% of children…

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New teen SF saga, Darkest Minds begins with a rather encouraging first episode, there are inevitably many references that will recall Hunger Games, Divergent, The Labyrinth etc. but its director Jennifer Yuh took special care and a kind of extra soul that you don’t necessarily find everywhere. Many twists and turns await you, the characters are endearing and the actors …

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dominique p.

Even if it’s not what I prefer to see as a style of film in the cinema, I still enjoyed this story.
It is a good calibrated entertainment, pleasant, sympathetic.
We’re not bored.
And even if it remains cliché or boat, I was embarked on this adventure.


A very good film, with endearing and very well chosen characters. I admit I was surprised when I saw Amandla Stenberg in the role of Ruby, because she does not correspond to the description of the heroine of the book. However, she played her character perfectly, and I think there was no better actress for this role. The book is a masterpiece, and the film is absolutely worth it. I can’t wait to see the sequel!

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Darkest Minds: Rebellion is Jennifer Yuh Nelson’s first live-action film. Renowned for her directing work in the field of animation, she made her directorial debut with Kung Fu Panda 2 in 2011. She signed the third part five years later, this time in collaboration with Alessandro Carloni. The producer Shawn Levy talks about how she got on the project: “We
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Darkest Minds: Rebellion is the adaptation of Alexandra Bracken’s bestselling novel, Les Insoumis. It is actually the first volume of a trilogy also composed of Les Insoumis – The path to truth and Les Insoumis – Dénouement.

From one dystopian universe to another

Amandla Stenberg, the heroine of Darkest Minds, made her debut in Colombiana in which she played Zoe Saldana as a child. But it was in Hunger Games that she was noticed by the general public in 2012. She played Rue, the young 12-year-old tribute from District 11 whose fatal destiny had a lasting effect on Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence).

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Darkest Minds: Rebellion