Disney +, the TV Series in streaming in September 2022

September is the month of Disney+ Day. Many first-run TV series are arriving, including Mike, Pistol, Andor and The Old Man.

A new Disney+ Day is upon us and that means lots of new original and first-run content coming to Disney+. On the day The Walt Disney Company celebrates its streaming platform, this year on September 8, passionate subscribers of TV series they will be able to enjoy Mikea miniseries about the tumultuous ups and downs of Mike Tyson’s boxing career and personal life; pistol, mini-series about the rock and roll revolution and the raging, raging storm at its center, the Sex Pistols, told through the exhilarating, emotional and sometimes harrowing journey of band founding member and guitarist Steve Jones; And Wedding Season, a romantic comedy with a pinch of thriller about a pair of lovers on the run from the law and not only after that, on her wedding day, she finds herself surrounded by the corpses of her betrothed and every member of his family. To these are added Cars on the Roadan animated series featuring Lightning McQueen and his best friend Mater traveling across the country to meet his sister, and Terra IncognitaArgentinian mystery drama about a teenager who discovers a dark and unknown world while searching for the truth behind the mysterious disappearance of his parents eight years earlier.

And this is only the beginning. The new series set in the Star Wars galaxy also arrives in September Star Wars: Andor. We follow the journey that takes Cassian Andor (again played by Diego Luna) to discover how he can make a difference, learning along the way the story of the nascent rebellion against the Empire and how people and planets have been involved. In The Old Man, screen legend Jeff Bridges plays a man who has been living in the shadows since escaping from the CIA decades ago. When a hit man tries to kill him, the “old agent” realizes that to secure his future must reconcile with his past. Finally, the young protagonists of Champion Cloth: Game Changer. After regaining the Mighty Ducks name, the team and its coach with the face of Lauren Graham hit the road to attend a demanding summer hockey class in California run by the charming but stern former NHL player Colin Cole (the new cast addition Josh Duhamel).

Before leaving you to the complete list of upcoming TV series, we remind you as always to continue following this page because we will return to update it over the next few days with last-minute additions not announced in advance.

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Disney +, the TV Series in streaming in September 2022

First run TV series

  • he criedSeason 1 (September 7)
  • Cars on the RoadSeason 1 (September 8)
  • The SimpsonsWelcome to the Club (September 8)
  • MikeMiniseries (September 8, weekly episode)
  • pistolMiniseries (September 8)
  • Terra IncognitaSeason 1 (September 8)
  • Wedding SeasonSeason 1 (September 8)
  • The ReturneeSeason 1 (September 21)
  • With the permission of the courtSeason 1 (September 21, Weekly Episodes)
  • Star Wars: AndorSeason 1 (September 21, Weekly Episode)
  • Women in TaipeiSeason 1 (September 21, Weekly Episode)
  • Big MouthSeason 1 (September 28)
  • moodSeason 1 (September 28)
  • Red ElectionSeason 1 (September 28)
  • Champion Cloth: Game ChangerSeason 2 (September 28, Weekly Episode)
  • The Old ManSeason 1 (September 28, Weekly Episode)

Other TV Series

  • nudesSeason 1 (September 7)
  • Candice RenoirSeasons 9-10 (September 14)
  • ProfilingSeasons 1-10 (September 21)
  • This Is UsSeason 6 (September 21)

Documentaries and Entertainment

  • 9/11: One day in AmericaSeason 1 (September 7)
  • Extreme adventures with Bertie GregorySeason 1 (September 8)
  • growing upSeason 1 (September 8)
  • The Zone: Survival missionSeason 1 (September 8, Weekly Episode)
  • Marvel Studios: AssembledThe Making of Thor: Love and Thunder (September 8)
  • Super/NaturalSeason 1 (September 21)
  • The KardashiansSeason 2 (September 22, Weekly Episode)
  • America the BeautifulSeason 1 (September 28)
  • Iberia’s WoodlandsSeason 1 (September 28)

For the little ones

  • AmphibiaSeason 3 Part 1 (September 14)
  • PocoyoSeasons 1-3 (September 14)
  • Go BusterSeason 1 (September 28)

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Disney +, the TV Series in streaming in September 2022