Do we deny the paranormal for fear of believing that it exists?

Whether you are a “fearful” person or not, if at any after-dinner they begin to discuss anecdotes or paranormal experiences, you will surely listen carefully and even try to contribute something to the subject. Nothing gives more to talk about than everything that surrounds the a stranger. How many books, movies, shows, and podcasts will there be about this? Something that is talked about and investigated so much, but of which there is no compelling evidence of its existence. Or if?

I’ve been years doing research about these issues, going to abandoned places, practicing tanatotourismchatting with witnesses, going to places with great paranormal activity, but I won’t talk (for now) about my experiences. What I tell you is not going to make you believe or not, nor is that the end of this article. But well, I ask you the question, Do you believe in the existence of ghosts? The definition of exist is blunt: “Having physical or mental reality.” With which, it is almost impossible for them to exist, since if they do exist, it is not something physical, obviously. And I suppose not something mental either. I NEVER use the word ghost, I usually use terms like “presences” or “energies” and of course I believe, of course I have lived experiences and I have had situations you wouldn’t believeBut it’s hard to talk about it. Many people will believe that you are lying, this is so fabricated, the media does not speak clearly about the paranormal. But think about it, if we opened a newscast with an actual video of a paranormal sighting, people would go crazy. Besides, how would we know if it’s real?

The Internet is full of fake videos, hoaxes and false stories. We also have, on radio and television, specialized spaces on these issues, in which their veracity is discussed, in which there are colloquia, discussions or simply legends are told. But among so much fanaticism and false videos, it happens to us a bit like the story of Peter and the wolf, that if there is a real one, it will go unnoticed. Many times I have been told to send my videos to programs, upload them or share them on networks, but I never do it. Y Of course I have material, a lot, but that stays for me, I don’t have to prove anything to anyone. For this reason, for this article, instead of telling my experiences, I have asked my friends to tell their own words about some experience they have had with me on these “pleasant” excursions. Some of these friends will surely ring a bell.

“Something caressed me from head to shoulder”

With Mark It is with one of the people who have visited the most abandoned and paranormal sites throughout Spain:

“I think the time we ran the most was when we were in a children’s building and we threw stones at the end of the room and returned them to your ankle when the room had no exit and there was no one. And when we turned off the lights and something, go who knows what, he caressed me from head to shoulder and you were each more than two meters from me”.

I remember that day perfectly, because if it is already strong to see or notice a presence, imagine that it touches you, that something that is not there is touching you. Terrible.

“His face was serious, neutral, without any expression”

Irene was my wife for more than five years, obviously she had various experiences with me. She especially remembers the following experience:

“We were Hector (Eude) and I, it was autumn and it was already night, we were walking around and we arrived at a bridge that there is to cross to the other side and reach ‘civilization’, as I call it. And right, stepping on the bridge, he tells me: ‘Don’t look back’. And of course, if someone tells you that, just you do the opposite instinctively. So I turned around and saw a young, dark-haired girl in a white dress walking a few meters from us. Héctor and I began to walk a little faster since at that time it was rare for there to be people around and even more so that we had not noticed that girl before. Then Héctor asks me: ‘Where is the girl?’ I turned around and suddenly he was even closer and looking at us with his serious, neutral face, no expression. So we began to speed up the pace across the country until we reached ‘civilization’. A few meters before reaching the lights, we quickly turned around and it was gone, there was absolutely no one, it had disappeared. I won’t forget that face Never”.

In my case, I remember the sensation I felt better than the woman’s face. It’s a bit like a type of ‘déjà vu’ which is ‘déjà senti’, a sensation that I remember perfectly but which is almost impossible to explain or communicate.

Bekaesh: “With the fall of light, the senses began to sharpen”

I also asked my dear Bekaesh (host of the FMS League among many other things) by WhatsApp and tells me that:

“I still remember those moments with a mixture of nostalgia and cold. It was an ordinary afternoon, on an ordinary weekend. I received a call from you, where you invited me to give a tour of an ‘abandoned town’. I complacently agreed, deluded of me, I thought that it could be a good plan to be able to see the loopholes of a disused town and observe the already extinct customs of its inhabitants. Nothing further, later I understood that your intentions were far from being recreational, at least not what any ordinary human understands as recreational”.

“After a few minutes of driving, we arrived at the town in question. Nothing special, a few houses wrapped in a small rural environment, darkness… and a church. During the exploration of the land, it began to get dark, and with it began to clarify intentions of the small excursion. With the fall of light, they began to sharpen the senses and with them the first shadows, noises and shocks”.

“After several shocks, we arrived at the bricked up church. The only way to enter was by crawling one by one through a hole in one of the walls. Once inside, the time-worn ruins of the temple were fiercely aggressive. you suggested us turn off the lanterns and remain silent for at least five minutes, while a tune called ‘ave satanis’ played. The test did not last long, after twenty seconds a bell sounded. noise outside the church, a sound similar to that of a car door that left us frozen. Thinking it was the police or some local angry about the possible break-in, we hurried back to the starting point. We ran without looking back, but after several meters we realized the truth: in the dark there was nothing“.

“The darkness of that place, the melody, or the energy of our mysterious friend completely deceived our senses. Or not? Before returning home, you stood frozen several meters behind us and said: ‘There is a man behind the well’”

Believe me there was friend, what a day. I remember that for days Bekaesh would write to me saying that he would get goosebumps and keep thinking about it. That blow was not natural.

Estrimo: “It was neither a collective hallucination nor a suggestion”

strimo (youtuber, the oldest judge of FMS and visible face of Urban Roosters TV) is another of the people with whom I have gone on several getaways:

“One of several that happened to me was when we went to cross an area where you had to jump over a small wall, one of our friends started saying that he didn’t want to go there because the last time he went he had one of his most distressing experiences. We tried convince him but refused to pass that little wall. I hadn’t used my cell phone all day, what’s more, we didn’t have coverage or internet there. You were the first to cross the wall. You said ‘come on, jump that nothing happens’. As I perked up and put both my feet on the ground my iPhone’s Siri voice activated saying ‘Please go back to where you started’.

“Everyone began to scold me, thinking that I had done that on purpose, but the reality is that I was the first to be scared and had not touched my mobile all night, it was a crazy that my phone just said that at the moment of placing my feet and it had never happened to me that something like this was activated ”.

“Collective hallucinations? I already tell you no. And no suggestion either. Believe me if I tell you that, despite everything, I am the most rational person I know, I always try to find an explanation for everything, even if I don’t have one.”

Most people who say ghosts don’t exist follow it up with “I don’t think so, but…” Those same people wouldn’t walk into an abandoned madhouse at night on their own. Why? What are you afraid of? How is it possible to fear something in which one does not believe? Okay, let’s say it’s terror of the unknown. For example, I don’t know Tomelloso and it doesn’t terrify me.

Fear is nothing more than a feeling of anguish caused by the presence of a real or imagined danger, and that’s where your mind comes in, which means that, even if you don’t believe in something, there is always a small possibility that it will happen. creates one for you distress to warn you of something that is not going to happen, or something that is not real to your eyes, but to your mind, because what your mind can imagine is much more distressing than what really happens. Because you do know your fears, only you. So yes friends, the worst enemy is you.

But it’s not bad at all fear serves to preserve the speciesWithout him we would all die. He slows us down, he activates the hormone that makes us draw strength from where there is none, leads us to physical hyperactivity, to release addictive adrenaline and to release catecholamines, where dopamine is also found. That is why there is so much demand in the Xtreme Houses and tanatotourism is increasing.

This article will lead to a division of opinions, but not all researchers in the world have agreed or have been able to prove anything to the world about this wonderful topic at hand. But that is precisely what enriches the discussionSo keep wondering. What I have no doubt about is that there are more and more ghosts.


eude -Héctor Herranz- (Madrid). Writer and organizer of events, freestyler and dedicated to hiphop and reggae. He is a lover of history, movies, reading, video games and everything occult or esoteric.

Do we deny the paranormal for fear of believing that it exists?