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The long-awaited weekend arrived, and along with the varied proposals offered by the city is the billboard cinema with endless films, for both young and old to enjoy.

Under that context, the films They will project the following:

“The orphan: the origin” – Cinema Rocha, City, San Martín and Ocho.

Synopsis: Lena manages to escape from the Russian psychiatric hospital where she is confined and travels to the US, posing as the missing daughter of a wealthy family. But her new life as Esther will not be as she expected, and she will face a mother who will protect her family at any cost.

“Look how they run” – Cinema Paradiso.

Synopsis: A desperate Hollywood movie producer sets out to turn a popular play into a movie. When crew members are murdered, world-weary Inspector Stoppard and rookie Agent Stalker find themselves in the middle of a puzzling whodunit.

“Don’t worry honey” – Cinema City and Rocha.

Synopsis: Psychological thriller centering on an unhappy 1950s housewife who discovers a disturbing truth.

“Little moments of happiness” – Cinema Paradiso.

Synopsis: Like every morning, Paolo gets on his motorcycle to go to work. When crossing an intersection with a red light, a truck hits him and Paolo dies. But due to a miscalculation in paradise, Paolo gets an hour and a half more to live after death. 90 minutes to achieve what he really counts in life: being with the people you love the most.

“30 nights with my ex” – Cinema Paradiso.

Synopsis: After being separated from his wife for years, “El Turbo” accepts his daughter’s request that they live together again for 30 days with his ex-wife who is recovering from a long hospital stay.

“Barbarian” – Cinema Eight.

Synopsis: A woman who rents a house to spend the night discovers that the house she has rented is not what it seems.

“DC League of super pets” – Cinema Paradiso, San Martín and Rocha.

Synopsis: Superman’s dog teams up with the flying cat to stop crime while Superman goes on vacation.

“Dragon ball super: super hero” – Cinema Rocha and San Martín.

Synopsis: The Red Ribbon Army from Goku’s past has returned with two new androids to challenge him and his friends.

“The black phone”- Cinema San Martín.

Synopsis: Finney Shaw, a shy and intelligent 13-year-old boy is kidnapped by a sadistic serial killer who locks him in a basement where no matter how much he screams, no one can hear him. When an unplugged black telephone on the wall begins to ring, Finney discovers that he can hear the voices of the killer’s previous victims.

“Invitation to Hell” – Cinema Eight.

Synopsis: Following the death of her mother and no known relatives, Evie takes a DNA test and discovers a distant cousin she never knew she had. Invited by her newly found new family to a lavish wedding in the English countryside, she is soon seduced by the sexy aristocratic host, but finds herself embroiled in a nightmare of survival as she uncovers the twisted secrets in her family’s history.

“Jack in the cursed box 2” – Cinema San Martín.

Synopsis: When a dying woman opens an antique toy box, she makes a deal with the demon it contains, who promises to cure her illness in exchange for claiming six innocent victims.

“Jurassic World 3: dominion” – Cinema San Martín and Paradiso.

Synopsis: Owen and Claire must now confront a world where the genetics and surviving dinosaurs of Isla Nublar are at the disposal of multiple world powers.

“More respect that I am your mother” – Cinema City.

Synopsis: Mirta is a 50-year-old housewife whose world falls apart when the economic crisis of 2001 ruins her family, taking her from the middle class to absolute poverty. Her life becomes hell and she must develop a bulletproof humor to turn every misfortune into a life lesson.

“Minions 2: a villain is born” – Cinema Paradiso and San Martín.

Synopsis: It’s the ’70s and Gru is growing up in a suburb, in the midst of the bouffant hairstyle and bell-bottoms boom. As a die-hard fan of a notorious villainous supergroup, ‘The Savage Six,’ Gru devises a plan to prove to them that he’s evil enough to work with them.

“Passage to paradise”- Cinema Paradiso.

Synopsis: A divorced couple team up to travel to Bali and try to stop their daughter, who they believe is about to make the same mistake they made 25 years ago.

“Thor: love and thunder” – Cinema San Martín.

Synopsis: Fourth movie about “Thor” from the MCU, in which the God of Thunder will have Lady Thor as a companion, a character played by Natalie Portman.

“An Argentine crime” – Cinema Paradiso.

Synopsis: Thriller of criminal and political investigation, based on a true event that occurred in the 80s: the intriguing disappearance of a businessman in the city of Rosario, in the framework of the Argentine military dictatorship.

“Superman” – Cinema San Martin.

Synopsis: From a remote galaxy, a newborn is sent by his parents into space due to the imminent destruction of the planet where they live. The ship lands on Earth, and the boy is adopted by farmers who instill in him the best human values. Over the years, the young man will go to Metropolis and there he will use his supernatural powers to fight against evil.

“Avatar” – Cinema City, Rocha and Eight.

Synopsis: Jake Sully is a warrior, imprisoned in a wheelchair, who is recruited for a special mission. His group is sent to the planet Pandora, where a mineral is mined that could solve Earth’s energy crisis. However, since the atmosphere is lethal to humans, so-called avatars are created, a mixture of genetic information from humans and inhabitants of Pandora, which allows the expedition members to send their consciousness into them.

The tickets can be purchased through the website or at the venues, and the price is from 850 pesos onwards.

Do you prefer horror, drama or romance movies? Find out what you can see in the theaters of La Plata – Eleditorplatense