Does Max now have powers in Season 4 of Stranger Things?

stranger things The Season 4 trailer sees Max levitating in the air, hinting that the teenager now has supernatural powers. Ever since Eleven lost her powers at the end of stranger things season 3, the series was left without a major human character with high abilities. While Eleven gained her powers through various tests at Hawkins Lab, Max’s apparent acquisition of supernatural powers seems to lean into the new, even darker angle of stranger things season 4.

Towards the start of stranger things In the official Season 4 trailer, Max is seen sitting alone at Billy’s grave reading a letter she wrote to him about how different the world has been since his death. Shortly after, the trailer sees Max returning to Billy’s grave alongside Steve, Dustin, and Lucas, where the latter character hugs her before (or more likely in the series after) she mysteriously levitates in the airs. When Max flies through the air, the stranger things the boys begin to get reasonably frantic, with it unclear what exactly caused this ability.

There are a few explanations as to why Max can now fly through the air, with further power gain still in the realm of possibility. stranger things The official season 4 trailer devotes a lot of time to Max’s character, as he is often seen at Billy’s grave, walking through the new Upside Down locations and exploring a grandfather clock identical to that of Creel House. Given that the Creel House Grandfather Clock is supposed to be a portal to the Upside Down, perhaps Max exploring it on her own led to a reaction that granted her powers, which may have -be increased when visiting Billy’s grave, which was notably possessed by the Upside Down. Mind Flayer in stranger things season 3.

However, while the powers might mean Max becoming the new Eleven, his levitation in stranger things The Season 4 trailer seems to be more related to the new episode’s paranormal angle. Max is only seen levitating outside Billy Hargrove’s burial site, suggesting he may possess her from beyond the grave. stranger things Season 4’s Creel House hinted at a more haunted and spooky angle to the show, which means paranormal possessions and manipulations in the style of The Exorcist or Fighting spirit. While Billy died in stranger things season 4, her mind may have been preserved by a supernatural Mind Flayer ability, which could possibly control Max while she is at her grave.

Eleven had a wide range of powers in stranger things‘, but one ability she has never demonstrated is self-levitation. She could use her telekinesis to make other objects fly and move, which may be what the Mind Flayer does to Max, but as long as stranger things accounted for, she could not be levitated. As such, it would be a whole new power for Max if she could really get robbed, perhaps proving that her abilities could trump even Eleven’s. Since stranger things The official season 4 trailer seemed to play up Max’s new bond with the Upside Down, it seems more likely that her levitation was a by-product of Billy or the Mind Flayer controlling her from her gift. If so, maybe Max finding the grandfather clock in what appears to be the school sealed such an attachment.

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