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american horror story revolutionized what was possible in the world of television horror. Prior to AHS, horror was primarily seen as a genre suitable for the big screen and not the small, due to its reliance on building and releasing tension. It is difficult to maintain this tension with an episodic structure, but ryan murphy and Brad Falchuk cracked the code.

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Everyone has their own favorite season of AHS, thanks to its season-long anthology format and rotating cast of iconic cast members, including the likes of Jessica Lange, Sarah Paulson, Kathy Bates and Angela Bassette. It is undeniable that american horror story claimed a place in pop culture history as one of the defining shows of the modern television era.

‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ – 64%

Hotel is a good season, but for the most part it’s by the book AHS. By far the most memorable part of the season is the presence of the cultural icon Lady Gaga. american horror story is already a very gay show, but featuring the ultimate gay icon, the show has taken it to a whole new level. There’s a reason her role as the Countess won Gaga her first acting award at the 2016 Golden Globes.

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The season is set at the Hotel Cortez in Los Angeles, loosely modeled after the real Hotel Cecil, where many deaths and tragedies have occurred. The story centers on a murder investigation that brings to light a long history of violence and murder in the Cortez. With twists and lots of scary moments, AHS: Hotel maybe the lowest-rated season, but it’s still a damn good time.

‘American Horror Story: Murder House’ – 72%

house of murder is the one who started it all. The inaugural season’s concept proved so popular that it was revived many times, including the AHS spin off, American Horror Stories.

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The season is set in a suburban Los Angeles home that has been the site of numerous murders throughout its history. The twist is that the people who died in the house can never leave. They are bound to haunt the house for the rest of their afterlife. When a new family moves in, their relationship is tested by the presence of vindictive spirits. Every part of this season lives forever in the spirit of AHS Fans.

‘American Horror Story: Cult’ – 73%

With several seasons that are period pieces, american horror story never really sought to capture the modern world. The main exception is AHS: Cult. The season is a direct response to the 2016 election, and specifically the chaos that Donald Trump brought to American political culture.

The season follows two main characters: Ally, in one of Sarah Paulson’s best performances, as her mental state plummets after Trump’s victory, and Kai, in one of Evan Peters’ best performances, as that he becomes empowered by Trump and follows in his footsteps by starting his own cult of murderous clowns. The season is sure to ruffle some feathers depending on your political beliefs, but you can’t argue with its effectiveness.

‘American Horror Story: Roanoke’ – 74%

Roanoke was a weird season. In this season AHS adapted quite a few different formats to see how tragedy becomes myth, and myth becomes entertainment. The polarizing shifts in tone and format could be plenty, but it made for a truly unforgettable season.

Roanoke started as a take on I survived… documentary-style shows you would see on the Discovery Channel, called My Roanoke Nightmare. It featured characters explaining their gruesome supernatural experience in North Carolina, and then re-enactments of their story played by a second set of actors. Then, halfway through, the show switches to a found footage style, as the characters attempt to film a sequel to the original documentary, only to be haunted by the evil spirits of the Roanoke Colony.

‘American Horror Story: Monster Show’ – 77%

monster show is the most AHS season of AHS. He has the core AHS actors playing a bunch of weirdos, tragic stories, ghosts and even a few musical numbers. It also features Jessica Lange at her best AHS role, Elsa Mara, the leader of a carnival of misfits who dreams of being a star.

monster show is set in 1950s Florida and follows the residents of one of the country’s last monster shows as they struggle to survive in a changing world. The characters are some of the most lovable in the entire franchise, being true underdogs that you want to root for. It also features some of the most gruesome sequences, mainly thanks to the iconic Twisty The Clown.

‘American Horror Story: Apocalypse’ – 79%

apocalypse stands out in the franchise as it is the first time that a season of the series continues the story of a previous season. apocalypse is the sequel/crossover to house of murder, Convent and Hotel. It’s so unlike any other season that it didn’t even qualify for the limited series category at the Emmys and instead had to submit as a drama series.

After the events of previous seasons, the Antichrist is born and the apocalypse begins. After a nuclear attack, the world has changed and it is more horrible than ever. There are witches, and psychopaths, and demons, that’s a lot, especially if you haven’t seen the other seasons. While it may not be the best season for newcomers, it is a celebration of american horror story perfect for the hardcore fan.

‘American Horror Story: Double Feature’ – 80%

AHS: dual function has everything double. Double the locations, double the twists, double the horror. The season tells two distinct stories: Crimson Tide and death valley. One takes place by the sea, the other the sand. What’s interesting about the season is how the two stories interact, not directly, but rather in their themes.

Crimson Tide tells the story of a writer and his family as they move to a small seaside town for the winter. Once there, the townspeople begin to show their true horrifying nature. It looks like a story Stephen King would have written. death valley tells the story of a group of college students on a camping trip who find themselves caught up in a conspiracy beyond their wildest nightmares. Both stories are about people going somewhere in hope, only to regret their choices. Dual function was a risk, but it certainly paid off.

‘American Horror Story Asylum’ – 84%

Asylum was the first time the format of american horror story has been put to the test. After the success of house of murder, AHS completely revamped for season two, telling a completely different story. Luckily, it more than lived up to the expectations of the first season.

Asylum is set in the 1960s and follows the residents of Briarcliff Manor, a mental institution run by people who would rather keep their secrets than help those in need. The story begins when a journalist is forcibly arrested for being a lesbian after trying to write an expose. She then gets a front row seat to the demented horrors of this place, which has caused the deaths of many people. Asylum is where AHS really took shape, including their love of a good period piece.

‘American Horror Story: Coven’ – 85%

The first seasons of AHS is known for its amazing female characters, and Convent is the best example. This season is a favorite of many fans for this very reason. The world and culture of witches and american horror story is a match made in Horror Heaven.

The season explores the story of a coven of witches who live in New Orleans and is mostly set in 2013, but features flashbacks as far back as the Salem Witch Trials. Convent has one of the best casts in the entire series, with the likes of Jessica Lange, Sarah Paulson, Frances Conroy, Taissa Farmiga, Kathy Bates, Angela Bassett, Gabourey Sidebeand Emma Roberts. It is one of the ultimate AHS seasons, and a delight for any fan, new or old.

‘American Horror Story: 1984’ – 88%

One thing that’s awesome about american horror story is that, for a show that helped define modern horror, it never really falls into a lot of the traditional horror tropes and subgenres we see over and over again. It normally carves its own path in the horror genre, but AHS: 1984 is the big exception. 1984 is a tribute to the beloved world of 1980s slasher movies, and Friday 13 especially.

The season is set in the summer of 1984 when five friends get jobs as counselors at Camp Redwood. However, when the camp becomes the hunting ground for two serial killers, including the real Night Stalker, Richard Ramirez, their summer vacation turns into a nightmare. This season is one of the most fun AHS has ever done, leaning heavily into the campy tropes that the slasher genre and the 1980s are known for.

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