‘Evil’: Season 3 of the supernatural series expands its mythology and establishes itself as the best horror television fiction of the decade

The King couple series that has broken any expectation that can be placed on a horror product returns. ‘Evilseason 3 arrives on the SyFy channel with his usual combination of humor, social issues, disturbing scenes of tension and non-one-dimensional characters that plays by the rules of the genre without taking it too seriously, but managing to disturb more effectively than many supposedly terrifying movies.

The dilemma of platforms and terror

Before entering it, it is convenient to situate ourselves in the current moment of the genre. Horror cinema has reached a record number one at the box office this 2022. Movies like ‘Nope!‘, ‘barbarian‘, ‘Scream‘, ‘The Invitation‘ they made it, the recent ones ‘Halloween: The End‘ Y ‘smile‘ have not only had the podium, but have shared it simultaneously, and if we count superheroic variations like ‘Morbius‘ Y ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness‘ the limit is extended. There is widespread interest that has rarely been seen in history, and at the same time the streaming content bubble is disconcerting.

Strings like ‘Chapelwaite‘ or ‘Evil’ are consequences of that general interest, but in turn They are proposals made from residual platforms. Epix or Paramount try to break down the barrier and gain a foothold in the North American market, but they continue to be at margins that make it difficult for their quality products to become really popular. And the case becomes more serious in Spain, where many of these productions are delegated to channels of the “old normality” of cable, with schedules and difficult access, something that for series like ‘Evil’ is a great barrier.

This not only creates a lack of availability, but a lack of association with the quality defined by your source channel. The procedural format of ‘Evil’ is perceived as belonging to “old television” in an elitism of cheapness very biased by availability, when what really does the style of the King couple is the game with those approaches and how blow them up to create an almost postmodern idea of ​​what a television series is today that does not depend on a concept and closure, of which also now lead on many occasions to the typical filler chapter.

A procedural that constantly plays not to be

As such, the narrative stays pretty much the same as it’s always played out from the start, with the rock-solid trio at the center, consisting of psychologist Kristen Bouchard (Katja Herbers), the newly appointed priest David Acosta (Mike Colter), and skeptical tech genius Ben Shakir (Aasif Mandvi), and an extension of the series as a whole, which he has adapted to his own pace and knows exactly his niche in televisionwhich helps keep the three of them studying such mind-bending phenomena as scientists studying the weight of a soul, horny sex demons, or a Devil employing people in an office building.

The team that the Church has assigned to investigate these strange occurrences continues to be effective and close-knit, with different perspectives to challenge one another, with their positions, yes, increasingly flexible. David is open to the supernatural, and Ben wants to discredit him, but both experience signs that make them always doubt their convictions, as does Kristen, somewhat affected by her experiences in the previous season. ‘Evil’ seems to only reaffirm itself as a procedural series thanks to the relationships of its characters, but shakes them up constantly to avoid getting us too comfortable with the status quo.


In this way, it has gone from being a series focused on cases of the week to sometimes being a background detail within a larger puzzle. if the season 2 dynamited the rules of what can or cannot be a series of its characteristics, the 3 opens its world to new players and possibilities, taking advantage of many of the open paths that were left unanswered in the previous one to establish a new game board with the elements of good versus evil more defined. We continue with the sigils as a master plan with which many cases can be explained.

On the edge of ‘The devil’s baby’

The script joins some of the dots that were scattered and at the same time throws in a new handful of them, always with the idea of ​​the supernatural as a possibility, less and less fictitious and more real, but always leaving blind spots to see the hand. black behind the evil master plan. Another unusual point is that season 3 shows is that cases from the first season are also recovered and rescuedsomething takes advantage of everything, however small, which indicates that the plan of the series is under an invisible control where nothing is chance.

Kristen’s eggs are retrieved, visual details of her home are revealed in a jaw-dropping finale, and ideas bounce around codes, clues, recurring characters, and classic horror movie cues like ‘The seed of the devil‘ Y ‘The prophecy‘. The script always plays with the conventions of horror as if it were a parody, often with absurd humor, costumbrist situations or exaggerated demons, but always saves a card for, at the same time, manage to be scary, uncomfortable and even reach very dark areas.

evil 3

The season finale or that of episode 8 are slaps in the face that break any convention expected in a series of these characteristics. In ‘Evil’ anything can happen. There are hidden messages, subliminal clues and enough material to leave the show’s reddit forum making theories and cracking hidden codes every week. In this season the episodes are more important, reaching almost an hour at times, although the number has been reduced. Perhaps there is no episode like that of the monastery or the elevator, but the joint solidity is greater.

we don’t deserve it

As for the appearances, with wonderful traditional designs and FX, we must not forget episodes until 2019 either, since old acquaintances are taken into account again and never fail to provide an attractive element for fans of the most tangible and visual horror. It’s a pity that even with these gifts the series does not enter more into the conversation of fans of the genre that in their day promoted ‘X-files’ as one of the key series of the format. With attention to franchises of diminishing quality like ‘Halloween’ or elevating viewing experiences like ‘Barbarian’ to altars.

‘Evil’ is one of the most intelligent and rich series that has ever been created within horror. Spot. On the one hand, it plays in the league of RKO classics, with the elegance and ambiguity of Val Newton, and on the other, it works within the great standards of satanic cinema, making it difficult to understand how there is not a periodic conversation with each new premiere. There are plenty of podcasts specializing in horror, particularly in Spain, and yet it’s hard to find analysis of the series, mentions, or follow-up given to other mediocre premieres that have the advantage of coming from other massive platforms.


A pity, because season 3 of ‘Evil’ puts the cards on the table for a fourth in which nothing can ever be the same. A daring, inconceivable and even repulsive ending, which allows you to review everything seen, recover episodes, establish theories and debate his many sharp notes on current events and on the relationship of faith with social and political evolution, but always with demons, strange beings and animatronics worthy of 80s cinema. Let’s hope that Paramount+ continues to bet on the series for a while because, said bluntly, we don’t deserve it.

‘Evil’: Season 3 of the supernatural series expands its mythology and establishes itself as the best horror television fiction of the decade