Final season of Stranger Things made Netflix executives cry

stranger things is ready to wrap up his highly anticipated final season and although the creators Matt and Ross Duffer keep quiet on how their hit sci-fi TV show will conclude, they have promised an emotional conclusion to the show.

the duffer brothers They said they presented the full season to Netflix and made executives cry.

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“Over two hours, we brought the entire season to Netflix. We made our executives cry, which I thought was a good sign. The only other time I’ve seen them cry is at budget meetings,” Matt Duffer said during a Netflix SAG FYC event.

the duffer brothers discussed the final season of their hit streaming series at the Tudum Theater in Los Angeles, in a panel hosted by comedian Patton Oswalt. Also present were director and executive producer Shawn Levy and cast members Caleb McLaughlin, Priah Ferguson, Jamie Campbell Bower, Joseph Quinn and Eduardo Franco.

The star of the series Millie Bobby Brown made a virtual appearance to discuss the show’s recent fourth seasonin which the children of Hawkins, Indiana, battled a mysterious psychic serial killer known as Vecna.

During the panel, moderator Patton Oswalt asked the Duffers and Levy for the latest on the show’s fifth season. Ross Duffer explained that the script for the season premiere, titled “The Crawl,” delivered several weeks ago and the writers room is currently working on the second episode.

He described working on the show’s final season as a “balancing act”, as the season has to serve the show’s extensive cast while wrapping up the Upside Down mythology and supernatural elements of the show.

“We have so many characters now, most of them still living,” said Ross Duffer. “It is important to conclude those arcssince many of these characters they have been growing since season 1. So it’s a balancing act between giving them time to complete their character arcs and also tying up these loose ends and making our final reveals.”

ross duffer also spoke about the tone of the final season and explained that each installment of the series has its own unique influences that helped shape the story: season 3, for example, was a summer blockbuster, while the recent fourth season was influenced by psychological aspects. and slasher horror movies.

For Season 5, the brothers wanted the show to celebrate the entire history of the show, while also remembering the first season that put them on the map.

“Five, the way we see it, It’s kind of the culmination of all seasonsso it has a little bit of each,” Ross Duffer said. “I think what we’re trying to do is go back to the beginning a little bit, in a kind of tone of one.”

While Levy joked that he was “paralyzed” with fear of messing up the show’s next season, he promised that the final season would stay true to the show by focusing on the characters fans have come to love.

“The thing about these Duffer Brothers is that even though the show has become so famous, and the characters have become so iconic, and there’s a lot about the ’80s, the supernatural, and the genre, it’s about these people. Levy said. . “It’s about the characters. And Season 5 is already clearly addressing these character stories, because that’s always been the soul of ‘Stranger Things.’


Final season of Stranger Things made Netflix executives cry