Fish & Chips at the fifth edition

The fifth edition for Fish & Chips Film Festivalthe international festival of erotic and sexual cinema which, after a two-year break, returns from Thursday 22 to Sunday 25 September in Turin at Cinema Massimo (via Verdi, 18). “The V that takes shape in the legs of the alien creature depicted in this year’s poster stands for five, like the number of editions that the Fish & Chips Film Festival has reached. But it also stands for victory, the one we feel we have achieved by organizing it again after two years of stoppage“, explains Chiara Pellegrini, director of the Festival.

Organized byFish & Chips Association in collaboration with the National Cinema Museum, ihe first Italian themed festival will offer the public the usual wide-ranging overview of the world of eroticism, pornography and sexuality that has always distinguished it ”.

“It will be a concentrated edition, but no less rich in content and guests. We will give space and voice to figures who have long worked for the rights and visibility of sex workers, to performers and filmmakers of the alternative and non-alternative pornographic scene, to professionals who deal with sexual well-being and to artists * who are committed to breaking down the HIV-related stigma. And, as every year, we will screen films that describe an extremely varied panorama of practices, desires, productions, coming from all over the world. In a perspective that tends to broaden borders and horizons, we will inaugurate with a Brazilian film, Pardo d’Oro at the latest Locarno Film Festival: Regra 34 by Julia Murat, a powerful and radical work in which the pursuit of pleasure becomes a political act. ” , adds Chiara Pellegrini.


The return to the hall will be celebrated with anational preview: to open the festival, Thursday 22 September at 9.00 pm at the Cinema Massimo MNC (Sala Cabiria), it will be the winner of the Golden Leopard of the latest edition of the Locarno Film Festival, Regra 34 by Julia Murat (2022, Brazil / France, 100 ‘), which will be introduced by Tatiana Leite, producer and founder of the Brazilian production company Bubbles Project. The film takes its name from Rule 34: an internet maxim that states that if something exists, then there is also a porn version of it. A bit like the protagonist, Simone, a law student engaged in the defense of abused women, who in her private life explores her own erotic drives on the verge of violence. With this third feature film and through Simone’s ideals, commitment and facets, the director focuses attention on the debates on gender, race and decolonization sparked by the black movement in Brazil, which she considers revealing an oppressive system. .


There will be 38 short films in competition, divided into two categories: SHORT XXXwith 22 short explicit of which 9 in Italian preview, e SHORT which offers 16 short films with softer tones, including 8 screened for the first time in Italy. They will compete to win a prize of € 500 for each section – to which the Audience Award is added for the first time this year – evaluated by the jurors Elettra Arazatah (kinky sex worker engaged in various sex work rights campaigns), Giovanna Maina (associate professor at the University of Turin, specializing in gender representations in the media, Italian popular cinema and contemporary alternative pornography) and Maximilian Supports(videomaker, scribe, cultural agitator, since 2006 re-founder and artistic director of TOHorror Fantastic Film Fest).


Sunday 25th September at 21.00 will be revealed the winners who will go to Award – Best Short Film (500 €) and the Best XXX Short Film Award (500 €), which take the form of pleasure in ceramic both made ad hoc by Practice – Turin collective born in 2021 to show the playful and creative side of the world of sex toys -; in addition to the two winners of the Audience Award.


The section Out of competition the festival will instead give space to feature films, with a selection of titles capable of exploring various themes always pertaining to eroticism, such as sex in the third and fourth age or stereotypes related to the representation of sexual work in cinema.

To the legendary production house of porn leather Palm Drive Video the screening is dedicated scheduled Friday 23 at 20.30 of Raw! Uncut! Video! by Ryan White and Alex Clausen, a documentary that shows in a lean style how extreme sex practices are still possible in an era of social crisis such as the outbreak of the AIDS epidemic. The film will be presented in theaters by the critic and programmer of Lovers Film Festival, Alessandro Uccelli.

Following, at 10pm, the return to the screens of Fish & Chips by the iconic director Bruce LaBruce with The Affairs of Lidiaa biting comedy of misunderstandings, produced by Lust Cinema and set in the vacuous world of fashion, with a stellar cast. Marco Petrilli will present the film.

Sex workers and the big screen will be at the center, Saturday 24 at 11.00, of The Celluloid Bordello by Juliana Piccillo, a meta-film documentary that analyzes the representation of sex work on the big screen from the point of view of those who freely choose to practice it. Following, meeting with the sex worker Elettra Arazatah and the film historian and teacher Giulia Muggeo, who they will discuss how cinema has contributed to (de) constructing the imaginary on sex work.

Saturday 24 at 20.30 the festival will tune in Radiopornopandathe web channel of porno on demand created by the couple of Piedmontese performers LaPandina and Dr. Panda, through whom they were able to transform the passion for sex into a profession, and which is at the center of the homonymous documentary directed by Mauro Russo Rouge. The director will present the film with LaPandina and Dr. Panda.

At 22.15, Lidia Ravviso will be a guest in the room to present his latest work, The Listener; a curious and amusing supernatural crime thriller produced by Erika Lustin which the protagonist, who has just moved into her new apartment in a Victorian building, every time she masturbates acquires a prodigious hearing that allows her to hear everything that happens in the building.

Sunday September 25th it starts at 11.30, with the absolute preview of Lust Chance by Elisabetta Calamela, made with the support of Film Commission Torino Piemonte – Piemonte Doc Film Fund. Intimate documentary that deals with the current but still neglected theme of sex in old age, through the true story of an old woman who lives alone in her home, told in parallel with that of a woman and a man hosted in the Carlo Alberto retirement home of Turin.

The meeting will follow Old lovers: intimacy and sexuality beyond stereotypes with the director Elisabetta Calamela, the producer Francesca Riccardi, the aging psychologist Cristina Villa, the sexologist and psychotherapist Giovanna Verde and the founder of the concept store dedicated to love Lovever, Elisa Sevino. Together they will discuss desire in old age and denude its taboos, stripping them of stereotypes and scandalous visions as Fish & Chips has always wanted which, this year, also offers a look at this aspect of sexuality, questioning and wondering why it is still so uncomfortable to talk of desire and eroticism in the third and fourth age, what bothers us about this theme and again, if the desire resists time and disease, how is it possible to take care of it.

Fish & Chips

PLEASURE by Ninja Thyberg

After the Cannes Film Festival and Sundance, it also arrives on the big screen in Turin PleasureNinja Thyberg’s audacious long debutwhich directly analyzes the power of action, ambition and consensus in the adult film industry, through the story of 19-year-old Linnéa, who arrived in Los Angeles from Sweden determined to become a leading starlet of the hardcore scene international. Host of the projection Sunday 25 2.00 pm – la young Turin performer Alyson Borromeowho will comment on the film and tell the public about his experience in the world of pornography, passed through production companies such as Fake Taxi, Jacquie et Michel and Pinko Club.


The protagonist of this year’s focus and guest of the festival will be Linda PornMexican multidisciplinary artist that through performances, videos and short films, publications and theatrical works, addresses issues such as transfeminism, sex work, migration, motherhood and post-porn.

His works have been exhibited by the MoMa, at the Cineteca de Madrid, at the Museum of World Cultures in Barcelona, ​​just to name a few, and at Fish & Chips he brings his show to Italy for the first time La Lloronain collaboration with the collective Il Colorificio and the activist Valentine aka Fluida Wolf.

A scenic-audiovisual work based on the Mexican myth of the same name created in colonial times, here revisited in a feminist key. The concepts on which it is built – misogyny, racism, colonialism and violence against minors – are challenged by Linda Porn through different artistic languages.

The artist will perform in the performance Friday 23 September at 6.30 pm, at the Franco Antonicelli Cultural Union, e Saturday 24 at 2.30 pm he will be a guest in the hall of the Cinema Massimo for the screening of four short films who see her in front of and behind the camera in which, between documentary and video-art, the artist stages the themes dear to her. Paladin of the post-pornographic genre, her works are characterized by a style of Do-It-Yourself and tell about her career as a performer and activist.


As usual, the dining room program will be accompanied by several occasions to get to know and experiment with eroticism such as laboratory PLEASURE IS ALL OURS, Saturday 24 September at 2.30pm at Blah Blah. Starting from a general positive assumption, namely that erotic energy is a vital engine not exclusively linked to sex but a shared relational practice, Feminist psychoerotic – experimental therapy space for well-being and sexual impotation fueled by the porno-activist Slavina and from Serena Calòa relational psychoanalyst specialized in feminist therapy – invites everyone to play with their body-mind to discover how, through a healthy and conscious exercise, it is possible to keep the channel of erotic energy open and find alternative ways of fulfillment.

The cost is 7 €. To book, write to by Friday 23 September.

At the Blah Blah it will also be possible to visit, from Thursday 22 September at 19.00 and for the duration of the festival, the photographic exhibition COUPLES: a project in progress by Flebafenicio and Alessandramarialuigia, which was born with the intention of representing the bonds between people and the intimacy in which the nude is an integral and functional part of the representation and can also lead to the erotic image.

Sunday 25th September at 16.30, during the meeting HIV & popcorn – From stigma to proud visibilitythe festival will make a foray into 41 years of film and television between Hollywood films and independent productions that tap into the narrative potential of HIV, at times feeding toxic false myths, at others helping to overcome the clichés. To conduct the event Er Baghetta of the White Rabbitscollective artivist of fight against serofobia, which between the serious and the facetious will invite the public to award prizes to the best and worst films object of the appointment.

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