Five Norse Mythology Movies to Prepare for the Release of God of War: Ragnarok

Discover the legends that inspired one of the most anticipated video games of the year

God of War: Ragnarok is one of the most anticipated video games by a large part of the gaming community in 2022. When I saw Kratos in the new nordic setting in 2018 I loved what they had done with the god of war and I’ve been waiting ever since for them to give us more.

The narrative experience of this new adventure of Kratos I thought it was great, since got many, myself included, back interested in the myths and legends of the north. That’s why I ended up seeing myself vikings and a few films about Norse mythology. Like the premiere of God of War: Ragnarok is getting closer and closer here I bring you a couple of movies to pass the time with until it arrives:

The Northman

  • I have decided to put this film first because it was released this year, but didn’t get the attention it deserved. ❎
  • From the hand of Robert Eggersthe mind behind The lighthouse Y The witch, comes one of the best Viking stories I’ve ever seen. ⚡
  • The Northman merges equal parts visceral realism of this primitive age with the fantasy of northern myths. ⚡
  • The special effects and staging offer a true visual spectacle. ❤

The plot follows Amleth, a young Viking who seeks to avenge the death of his father. Little by little we see how the thirst for revenge grows until it becomes a burning desire for the orphan. From the beginning it reminded me in part of Vinland Saga, an anime that deals with very similar themes. Despite this, this comparison stops making sense towards the middle of the film, at which point Eggers begins to play with the viewer by introducing supernatural elements that may or may not be real..

The Seventh Seal

  • This is one of the first films of the acclaimed Swedish director Ingmar Bergmann. ❗
  • It is a fairly old tape, but the good thing is that thanks to it you can watch it for free on YouTube. ✅
  • It focuses less on mythological aspects, but continues to drink from northern culture. ✅
  • If you like the Middle Ages and want to see a film that poses difficult questions, you have to see it. ❓
  • The cinema of this director will always leave you thoughtful. ⚡

One of his best known scenes shows the protagonist playing chess against death. The knight, who returns home after fighting in the crusades, now faces the horrible situation in which Europe has been left after the outbreaks of the Black Death. Faced with these horrors, he seeks answers about life everywhere and question whether God really exists.

Thor: Ragnarök

thor ragnarok
  • This tape of Marvel mixes moments from the comic book universe with Norse mythology. ✅
  • Ragnarok is my favorite installment within the saga of God of Thunder. ❤
  • Even though I didn’t like Thor: Love and Thunder at all, in this movie the touch it gives Taika Waititi to the character is refreshing. ⚡
  • I think there is a good balance here between the more humorous and serious versions of the heroes. ✅

The Warrior No. 13

warrior number 13
  • The protagonist of this film is nothing more and nothing less than Antonio Banderas. ⚡
  • The plot is similar to God of War of 2018 because we also follow a warrior from distant lands who comes to the north. ✅
  • There they will test his worth by including him in a group of Vikings facing a supernatural threat. ❗
  • Due to problems in its production, the final result is not perfect, but if you like this type of stories, I recommend that you give it a try. ❓


In this last place I am going to deviate a little more from the central idea of ​​this list. And it is that in midsummer the Norse mythology of the gods and epic legends carries considerably less weight. In this tape we find the story of young American tourists who come to enjoy a summer festival in a closed community in Sweden.


Lured into a false sense of security due to the company of a friend who belongs to said society, they end up involved in a succession of dark celebrationsyes I can’t tell you more without making a spoiler, but I assure you that this tape it will surprise you a lot. If you are fans of suspense and psychological terror you have to see it as soon as possible.

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Five Norse Mythology Movies to Prepare for the Release of God of War: Ragnarok