Halloween: here are the best movies and series to watch on Salto

Whether costumes are more popular across the Atlantic that in our country, fans of this very specific genre are at the party for a few days, and on October 31 in particular. SVOD platforms are the best place to watch or rewatch your favorite horror films. The editorial staff of Télé-Loisirs has selected several programs, feature films and series for you, available in SVOD to test your trouillometer from the sofa. Discover without delay our recommendations on somersault.

The best movies to see on Salto for Halloween

Pan’s Labyrinth : In 1944, in Francoist Spain, Carmen, accompanied by her daughter Ofelia, joins her new husband, the tyrannical Captain Vidal. The young girl discovers a mysterious labyrinth near the family home. Pan, the guardian of the place, a strange creature, promises him an enchanted future. Guillermo del Toro uses the codes of the marvelous to denounce the horror of the civil war. A grandiose and poetic black tale. Fascinating.

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The Visit : Young Becca and Tyler can’t wait to meet their mother’s parents for the first time. On the first day, everything seems to be going well. But little by little, the behavior of the grandparents seems more and more strange. M. Night Shyamalan (Sixth Sense, Signs) regains his efficiency and pastiches the tales of Hansel and Gretel. His humor remains a little first degree but he has no equal in creating tension.

Ghostbusters : Peter Venkman, Egon Spengler and Raymond Stantz, three wacky parapsychologists, have just been fired from New York University. The friends then decide to use their knowledge to set up their ghost hunter business. They are not long in meeting the success so much the specters seem to proliferate in New York. A very successful mix of comedy and fantasy, Ivan Reitman’s film has not aged a bit, thanks in particular to the complicity of its actors, Bill Murray in the lead, and to Ray Parker Jr’s hit, which still remains in the lead. , long after seeing the movie.

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The best series to watch on Salto for Halloween

chucky : She hasn’t finished terrorizing us! After many film sections, the killer doll returns… in a series. Don Mancini, already in the script for the first film in 1988, has lost none of his talent for scaring the hell out of us… all in a nicely modernized story with a more “teenage” atmosphere. And recently, every Thursday, an episode of the completely new second season has been added to the catalog.

monsterland : When, to regain control of their lives, desperate individuals commit equally desperate acts, such is the starting point of this American anthology series in eight episodes inspired by the novels of Nathan Ballingrud, a renowned writer, specialist in horror and fantasy. In the casting, we find among others Taylor Schilling, alias Piper Chapman in Orange is the New BlackRoberta Colindrez, seen in seasons 2 and 3 of The Deuceor Mike Colter, who was the hero of Luke Cage.

Clarice : The new investigations of Clarice Starling, a young special agent of the FBI, a year after she allowed the arrest of the serial killer nicknamed Buffalo Bill. A highly publicized case and for which she had received the help of the psychopathic doctor Hannibal Lecter. Australian actress Rebecca Breeds (pretty Little Liars, The Originals), lends her features to the heroine embodied in the cinema by Jodie Foster in this sequel in the form of a series of Silence of the Lambs.

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Cryptid : The ten episodes of this Swedish horror series promise to put your nerves to the test. Forced to face their darkest fears, a gang of high school students battle a supernatural power that sows chaos, decimating the city of its inhabitants one after the other. An entire program !

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