Halloween on Netflix: 5 horror movies to watch on the platform

Halloween is here and today is an excellent day to celebrate horror movies. Netflix offers an interesting catalog of genre films to enjoy on this date. Among them you can find several current proposals and others that have already managed to establish themselves as cult titles and that are presented as inevitable for fans of this type of cinema. Next, 5 horror movies available on the platform.


2014 – Directed by: Patrick Brice

This film falls under the subgenre of found footage, which has as one of its greatest exponents The Blair Witch Project. Yes ok creep It has some similarities with the 1999 film, since much of it takes place in a forest, it also presents a highly original approach: an apparently nice man hires a young man to film him for a whole day to leave this gift for his son, but as the hours go by the situations become increasingly strange and dangerous for the filmmaker. A film with great sequences of suspense, tension and high quotas of psychological terror.

Do not breathe

2016 – Dir: Federico Alvarez

This film has already managed to become one of the most celebrated horror titles in recent years, especially for those who enjoy the home invasion subgenre. When a group of thieves tries to rob a blind man inside his house, they meet someone not only highly trained to fight them but also hiding dark secrets.. Persecutions, total darkness and a protagonist with intense and chilling nuances make up this film that keeps the viewer on the edge of their seat.

the guest

2006Directed by: Bong Joon Ho

If we talk about Korean genre cinema, this film by bong joon-ho -director highly recognized by parasite-, it is a must-have piece. It is a science fiction film that tells the story of a town plagued by the presence of a supernatural monster that attacks the population with chilling ferocity.. For those who enjoy films that present supernatural creatures, this is a fundamental one, since it also poses a concept of terror linked to the social, a key aspect of Bong Joon-ho’s cinema.


2022Directed by: Kevin Ko

Continuing with oriental titles, Netflix premiered this year Hex, a Taiwanese film of spirits, sects, and possessions. The truth is that the successful combination of these three elements results in a piece of intense terror, which also adds the component of found footage, since a large part of the film is narrated through footage that gives rise to a terrible curse. The film tells the story of a woman who is cursed after having transgressed a religious tradition and must now save her daughter, who has been a victim of it..

history of the occult

2020Dir: Cristian Ponce

In recent years, genre cinema has gained great strength in Argentine cinema. history of the occult is a great example of this, as it combines national and political history with occult stories. The film follows some investigators who seek to unmask the link between a group of Argentine politicians from the late 1980s and a coven of witches and Freemasonry.. Thus, with time as the fundamental module to narrate the story and create suspense, investigative journalists must demonstrate this conspiracy while receiving terrible threats and the entire country watches the truth about the infamous government on television.

Halloween on Netflix: 5 horror movies to watch on the platform