Harry Palmer The Ipcress Case on Sky, plot and review

Harry Palmer – The Ipcress Case is the new thriller series, a spy story in the middle of the Cold War, available on Sky and NOW. When the illicit trafficking of Corporal Palmer based in Berlin is discovered by the British intelligence, the man is recruited for an undercover mission with disturbing implications. John Hodge after Trainspotting, adapts another novel written in 1962 by Len Deighton and already brought to the cinema in 1965 by Sidney J. Furie with Michael Caine as the protagonist.

Harry Palmer – The Ipcress case, the plot

The corporal Harry Palmer is based in Berlin in the mid 60s. Smart and capable, Palmer manages the smuggling, satisfying everyone’s requests and thus maintaining order in the city. But when he is discovered by the British leaders, he is arrested and locked up in an English prison. Here he is recruited by Dalby, head of a British services department that answers only to the defense ministry and floats between MI5 and MI6. Palmer is sent back to Berlin to track down a kidnapped nuclear physicist. From here an adventure will start that will lead him to tour Europe and beyond, bringing to light an international conspiracy and a psychological experiment for the control of the mind.

Harry Palmer – The Ipcress case, the review

A Exciting miniseries that won’t disappoint fans of classic spy storiesbetween global plots and exotic settings, all perfectly seasoned with British cynicism that is well suited to any situation. Harry Palmer he is a soldier who adapts to the situations in which he finds himself, always managing to get the best, but always showing a profound human side that differentiates him from the classic heartless spies. Refined in style and writing The Ipcress Case is an unmissable series, especially for those who love to get involved in a good thriller. Immersed in the pastel colors typical of those years, the series could almost be mistaken for a film of those years between a perfect soundtrack and an impeccable reconstruction.

Joe Cole once again demonstrates all his skill, perfect protagonist in any situation whether it is the past or the present, whether they are action or dramatic scenes. The main characteristic of him is to have an apparently empty look but always full of meanings, then able to adapt to situations and to summarize an emotion in a raised eyebrow or in a hinted grin. The miniseries transports us to the height of the Cold War, in the challenge between the Western bloc and the Soviet Russian, focusing on the rivalry between American and British spies in a vain game in which no one wants to show their weakness. The kidnapped physicist becomes an international case not so much for the danger that it could lead to the creation of a nuclear bomb in Russia, as for the weakness that is shown by the intelligence apparatuses. And the challenge between spies will have serious consequences for Palmer himself. Americans are always Americans, with their desire to prevail and control others.

Harry Palmer – The Ipcress case, the cast

Leading the cast of Harry Palmer – The Ipcress Case is a familiar face for Sky TV series fans, that Joe Cole already seen in Gangs of London (and in Peaky Blinders leaving the Sky world). Near him Tom Hollander And Lucy Boyton recently seen in Why didn’t they ask Evans always on Sky.

Joe Cole is Harry Palmer
Lucy Boynton is Jean Courtney, Harry’s colleague secret agent
Tom Hollander Dalby is the head of the secret agency
Joshua James is Philip “Chico” Chillcott-Oakes, another secret agent
Anastasia Hille it’s Alice, Dalby’s agent and assistant
David Dencik he is Soviet Colonel Stok
Paul Higgins is Douglas Campbell Minister of Defense
Matthew Steer is Professor Dawson
Anna Geislerova is Dr. Polina Lavotchkin

Harry Palmer – The Ipcress case from paper to screen

The character of Harry Palmer was created by Leonard Cyril Deighton who included him as the protagonist of 6 of his novels released between 1962 and 1976. Curious to note how the name Harry Palmer was not given by the writer to the character but by Michael Caine, who played him in the 1963 film. adapting the novel to the cinema it was necessary to give a name and a surname to the character who did not have one on paper and only on one occasion was briefly greeted as Harry by another character. After the first film, 2 films were made in the 60s and two more in the 90s, again with Michael Caine as protagonist. The series, in addition to being inspired by the novel, takes up many aspects from the film The Ipcress Case in particular the insistent use of crooked shots, called the Dutch angle, in the first episodes.

Harry Palmer – The Ipcress case, when on air?

Harry Palmer – The Ipcress Case was broadcast in the UK between March 6 and 10, released entirely on ITV HUB and also streamed on BritBox. It arrives in Italy from 7 September with two episodes a week for 3 weeks having 6 episodes in all on Sky Atlantic and NOW, available on demand and which will then also remain in box set mode.

Harry Palmer – The Ipcress Case, the trailer

Harry Palmer – The Ipcress case, where streaming

Harry Palmer – The Ipcress casethe streaming programming of the series is on NOW from 7 September on the Sky Atlantic live channel and on demand, Sky subscribers will also be able to see it on Sky Go.

Harry Palmer – Will the Ipcress 2 case happen?

Surely Harry Palmer’s character has all the potential to be the star of a series real, not surprisingly Leonard Deighton has written 6 other novels in which he is the protagonist. Currently The Ipcress Case was presented as a miniseriesbut it cannot be ruled out that production may continue by adapting the other novels.

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