Hearings August 20, 2022

The most watched of the day is the news program ‘Antena 3 Noticias 1 Fin de Semana’ with an average of 1,874,000 viewers and a 21.7% share of the screen

TV audiences

MOST VIEWED yesterday Saturday August 20, 2022 was ANTENA 3 NEWS 1 WEEKEND, broadcast on Antena3 at 2:59 p.m. The space achieved 1,874,000 average audience viewers and a 21.7% audience share. A total of 3,101,000 individuals watched at least one minute of the newscast. In addition, the program contributed 1.2 share points to Antena3 out of the 12.7 that the channel signed in Total Day. GOLDEN MINUTE of the day was also recorded during the broadcast of ANTENA 3 NEWS 1 WEEKEND. At 3:11 p.m., 1,986,000 viewers were watching the Antena3 program.

Below are the programs with the best audiences in prime time on Saturday, August 20, 2022 (broadcast between 10:00 p.m. and 12:00 a.m.):
1. (Antenna3) THE MOVIE : 12.3% and 1,019,000.
2. (Telecinco) LET YOURSELF BE LOVED: 11.1% and 770,000.
5. (A1) WEEKLY REPORT: 8.1% and 648,000.
6. (Four) THE BLOCKBUSTER : 5.3% and 432,000.
8. (Four) FIRST DATES: 4.4% and 351,000.
9. (A1) CINEMA : 5.7% and 327,000.
10. (Teleport) ATHLETICS: CPTO. EUROPE: 4.3% and 315,000.

The program with the most audience among the Thematic DTT channels was the emission of ATHLETICS: CPTO. EUROPE broadcast on Teledeporte at 8:04 p.m., with an average of 315,000 viewers and a 4.3% share. A total of 1,092,000 people watched at least one minute of the broadcast.

in relation to regional channelsthe informative TELENOTICIES CAP DE SETMANA VESPRE on TV3 at 9:00 p.m. it was the most watched program of the day. An average of 354,000 viewers watched the news, which reached a 25.5% share in the Catalan sphere. Said result also makes TELENOTICIES CAP DE SETMANA VESPRE the broadcaster of regional channels with the highest share in its corresponding field of broadcasting.

The PREMIERE The highlight of yesterday was the cinematographic space SUPERNATURAL WEEKEND on Paramount Network, which kicked off with the broadcast of the film TIME TRAP. The feature film broadcast at 6:15 p.m. premiered with an audience of 159,000 viewers and signed a 2.2% share. A total of 709,000 individuals tuned in to the first broadcast of the program.

As far as viewed in DEFERRED refers to the issuance of OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN: HOPELESSLY DEVOTED TO YOU Broadcast on La1 at 10:09 p.m., it was the program with the greatest following of the day. The broadcast added another 38,000 viewers to its linear audience.

Lastly, the program with the highest number of viewers GUESTS was the informative ANTENA 3 NEWS 1 WEEKEND broadcast on Antena3 at 2:59 p.m. Of the 1,874,000 viewers that the broadcast brought together, 113,000 were individuals not residing in the home, which represents 6% of the audience.

Daily chain ranking

Yesterday Saturday, the set of Thematic Payment chains repeats as the most watched channel of the day with a 12.8% share of the screen. behind are antenna3 with a 12.7% share and Telecinco with 9.9%. Furthermore, the group of FORTA Autonomous ranked fifth with an 8% share. In the monthly ranking, antenna3 It is the channel with the greatest following in the month of August with an average share of 13.4%. The second position is for Telecinco with an 11% average share and the set of Thematic Payment chains closes the monthly podium with 9.8%.

Energy It was the most watched chain within the set of DTT Thematic channels. The Mediaset channel signed a 3.5% share yesterday, Saturday. The sum of all this group of channels reached a 32.5% share of Total Television. Behind Energy are THIRTEEN (2.7%), FDF (2.6%), Atreseries (2.5%) and Neox (2%).

The set of chains FORTA Autonomous yesterday averaged an 8% share of the screen nationwide. tv3 was the most watched regional channel of the day with a 11.9% share, followed by south channel with 9.5% and ETB2 with 8.4%. They complete the top-5 APR (8.1%) and Aragon TV (7.9%).

In yesterday’s session, 22,355,000 Spaniards watched at least one minute of television, which represents 48.9% of the population four years and older. Contacts grew by 1,316,000 viewers compared to the previous day and are below the average contacts in August, which are 23,629,000. In the accumulated monthly, 38,853,000 people have tuned in to the television medium, so 15.1% of Spaniards did not watch television in August.

Television consumption yesterday Saturday was 147 minutes per individual, same consumption as the day before. Of this flow, 5 minutes corresponded to deferred viewing, which represents 3.4% of the total. The average consumption per person and day in the month of August is 153 minutes, divided into 148 minutes of linear consumption and 5 minutes of deferred viewing. The guests they consumed 8 minutes of the 147 registered consumption yesterday, that is, they represented 5.4% of the time of television consumption.

informative programs

Among the informative programs of yesterday Saturday, obviously leads the desktop edition ANTENA 3 NEWS 1 WEEKEND being, as already detailed at the beginning of the news, the most watched program of the day.

SOBREMESA News Ranking | Saturday August 20, 2022
1. ANTENA 3 NEWS 1 WEEKEND (Antenna3) <14:59> | 1,874,000 viewers and a 21.7% share.
2. NEWS T5 15:00 (Telecinco) <15:04> | 1,099,000 viewers and a 12.6% share.
3. TEL. WEEKEND 1 (La1) <15:00> | 956,000 viewers and 11% share.
Four. THE SIXTH NEWS 2PM (The Sixth) <13:57> | 574,000 viewers and 8.6% share.

Ranking of NIGHT news | Saturday August 20, 2022
1. ANTENA 3 NEWS 2 WEEKEND (Antenna3) <20:59> | 994,000 viewers and a 13.8% share.
2. NEWS T5 21:00 (Telecinco) <20:59> | 687,000 viewers and 9.5% share.
3. TEL. WEEKEND 2 (La1) <20:59> | 622,000 viewers and 8.8% share.
Four. THE SIXTH NEWS 20H (The Sixth) <20:00> | 228,000 viewers and 3.5% share.

The most viewed…

Finally, these are the most viewed broadcasts of the day according to the time slot:
The most watched thing in the DAWN is… INVESTIGATION TEAM (La Sexta at 02:30): 10.3% and 159,000
The most viewed in the MORNING is… KARLOS ARGUIÑANO’S OPEN KITCHEN (Antena3 at 1:30 p.m.): 13.6% and 662,000
The most viewed on the SOFTWARE is… ANTENA 3 NEWS 1 WEEKEND (Antena3 at 2:59 p.m.): 21.7% and 1,874,000
The most viewed in the AFTERNOON is… MULTICINE 2 (Antena3 at 5:49 p.m.): 13.4% and 1,015,000
The most viewed in ACCESS PRIME TIME is… ANTENA 3 NEWS 2 WEEKEND (Antena3 at 20:59): 13.8% and 994,000
The most watched in PRIME TIME is… THE MOVIE (Antena3 at 10:11 p.m.): 12.3% and 1,019,000
The most watched in LATE NIGHT is… CINEMA (Antena3 at 00:28): 8.3% and 354,000

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