‘Heroes and Villains’ take over Murcia’s Old Prison to enjoy contemporary art as children

MURCIA. A robbery has just been committed; someone shoots, someone runs away, someone is injured… there is blood on the ground. This sculptural ensemble of gray figures, which represent a scene and give the impression of shadows on the white background, welcomes The exhibition Heroes and villainswhich is inaugurated this Thursday (8:30 p.m.) at the Old Jail Contemporary Culture Center of Murcia, after its recent rehabilitation, where it will remain until October 17. It is one of the more than fifty works of some thirty artists that will surprise visitors to this exhibition, organized by the Institute of Art and Culture and curated by Eva Hernandez Calderonwho has brought the spirit of his Two Art gallery to this journey through contemporary art, in which touches of humor, ingenuity and unexpected situations are not lacking.

Because what the gallery owner has intended is that those who enter this universe of good and bad have a blast and enjoy contemporary art like children. What’s more, she encourages you to visit the exhibition as a family, since many of the characters that you will find belong to the imagination of the little ones, but also to that of their parents. That playful tone has even been transferred to the colorful cartouches that accompany the works, with the typical ‘sandwich’ shapes that can be found in comics.

Over there, spread over the two floors of the cultural center, you can see Little Red Riding Hood and her big bad wolf, a Overweight batman flying over our headsa meditating Bush, an Obama crushed by a safe, a painting of Cassius Clay pierced by the arrows of intolerance, an evil duchess polyoperated or a gigantic spider (four meters) that menacingly approaches the sculptures of some children who in turn are drawing another smaller arachnid, oblivious to the fact that their drawings have become reality… Jocker, Superman, Maleficent, Captain America, Catwoman… but also characters anonymous, even the occasional clueless protagonist of the Disney universe, as well as artists such as Picasso, Van Gogh or Leonardo, are part of this battle between good and evil, in which, as often happens in movies, the good guys finally win. . Because in itself, this exhibition is a triumph of good over evil.

fantastic universe

Paintings, sculptures, photographs, installations and nfts are part of this exhibition; works that have traveled to Murcia from different parts of Spain, in addition to countries such as ANDUnited States, Scotland, Ireland, Portugal, Cuba, Germany and Hungary. The artists have in common, according to Eva Hernández, a single proposal: “Make the viewer dream of a thousand and one battles, building a fantastic universe where humor also has a place.” It is, he adds, “a unique opportunity to enjoy art from a close, fun and educational approach, but also making the visitor reflect on certain issues or modes of behavior, on the loneliness of the anonymous hero who in the complexity of his life It also has its own battles to face.

Because the heroes and villains of this exhibition show “their glories and their misfortunes”, their super powers but also the life they lead as normal people who have to go shopping or have a barbecue; “people, after all, who feel life in the same way as everyone else, with their great deeds or their small acts, but all of them great, because as Martin Beck says in his series of photographs present in the exhibition: You can also be a hero,” says the curator.

World premiere of four works of ‘short video art nft’

A special mention has the four short video art nft, from important institutional collections, made by the renowned Venezuelan Peter Sandoval as a tribute to four of the most significant artists in the history of art, “because they, the artists, are also heroes of our lives; these last times of pandemic have shown this,” says Eva Hernández. Van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci, Picasso and Magritte They are the protagonists of these works that enter the digital age and that will soon also be exhibited at the Louvre Museum in Paris and Abu Dhabi, and can now be seen for the first time in Murcia.

In the Picasso video, for example, the story is told of how the painter Rousseau was robbed of his violin and the case was left empty, and how the painter from Malaga, to console him, painted the instrument inside the box.

Heroes and villains is “a great opportunity to enjoy art with the family, with friends, with the little ones, an art for everyone and within everyone’s reach, united by the only maxim of quality”, constituting a unique experience to contemplate languages ​​as different as realism, expressionism, surrealism, hyperrealism and all kinds of figurations. yesyou are real or unreal, true or false, creatures often inspired by mythology and religion, with supernatural powers or not, arising from the imagination, popular culture or the mythical legends of antiquity, who have been part of our lives and whose exploits have been taken to literature, theater, illustration or cinema.… will accompany the visitor through this surprising and fun exhibition

The participating artists are: Perrilla (A Coruña, 1981), Juan Piza (Valencia, 1979), Thomas Kuebler (United States, 1960), Eva Montoro (Madrid, 1968), Pedro Sandoval (Venezuela, 1964), Joan Priego (Barcelona , ), Jan Valdés (Cuba, 1979), Diego Aznar (Teruel, 1985), Mark Gleason (United States, 1962), Julián Orgaz (Toledo, 1981), Penrider (Madrid, 1980), Virginie Barré (France, 1970) , Zoe Moss (United Kingdom, 1981), Peter Zelei (Hungary, 1970), Hans Kuyper (Holland, 1955), Martin Beck (Scotland, 1968), Reme Amorós (Alicante, 1962), Philipp Liehr (Germany, 1986), Fred Stonehouse (United States, 1960), Paul Neberra (Portugal, 1982), Jorge Pérez Parada (Ciudad Real, 1971), Kerstin Jedwill (Germany, 1968), Eugenio Merino (Madrid, 1975), Luciano Sánchez (Granada, 1977) , Teresa Guerrero (Córdoba, 1966), Javier Martínez (Madrid, 1968), Mariano Vargas (Algeciras, 1964), Javier Granados (Ciudad Real, 1964), Antonio de Felipe (Valencia, 1965), Pablo Ruiz (Valencia, 1976) , Marcos Santos (P. Portugal, 1981) and Diego Catalán (Pamplona, ​​1978).


‘Heroes and Villains’ take over Murcia’s Old Prison to enjoy contemporary art as children