“I stopped asking questions…”: Lili Reinhart’s cash opinion on the improbable intrigues of Riverdale

Riverdale coming to an end. The 7th season, expected in 2023, will indeed be the last for Archie (KJ Apa) and his friends who will return to where it all began: high school. (Spoiler alert). At the end of season 6, the heroes of the series available on Netflix find themselves indeed propelled into a high school, but in 1955, following the passage of a comet which disrupted space-time. A twist that left many fans speechless. “I just watched the season finale and I just burst out laughing lol what was that? “, for example posted a user.

And this is not the first time that the series Riverdale marks the spirits with completely offbeat or absurd scenes. We think in particular of the period, in season 3, during which Veronica, still a minor, decides to buy the local diner to turn it into a bar in the basement mixing gang members and poker players. Same thing for Archie’s Fight Club and his high school classmates, for the intrigue around Chic, Betty’s hidden brother or even for the crazy idea of ​​Cheryl who kept the corpse of her twin brother…

If these eccentric ideas have sometimes caused embarrassment and mockery from fans of Riverdale, they also caused misunderstanding on the casting side. This is what Lili Reinhart, alias Betty Cooper, confessed, returning to the fantastic turn taken after season 3. “ We were all a little confused to be honest, but I think we realized that the show was on that path and that it was headed that way. I stopped asking questions after that “, she said a few days ago at the microphone of the radio SiriusXM’s.

“I honestly think audiences try to look at our show and be like, ‘It was so different at the start and look where they are.’ But it’s just the trajectory of the show and the world that’s crazy. It’s taken from a graphic novel. Anything, really anything can happen in a comic book. I think people sometimes forget that. We didn’t walk into the set thinking, “We’re just a high school drama.” We’ve always relied on the comics and had these connections to supernatural and weird happenings (…)”she continued.

“You have to take the series for what it is. When you stop trying to make sense of it, that’s when you can really appreciate its craziness. (…) We are not trying to make a realistic scenario. But to put these characters and their actions in dark and crazy situations. It’s funny to watch “, she concluded.

Clara Kolodny

“I stopped asking questions…”: Lili Reinhart’s cash opinion on the improbable intrigues of Riverdale