It’s that easy to watch iQiyi, the Chinese Netflix that is already successful in Spain

Considered as “the Chinese Netflix«, iQiyi is a most peculiar streaming service, which you can easily access from Spain, without the need for a VPN to mask your location.

How to access iQiyi from Spain

This popular video streaming service (reaching 500 million people and 6,000 million viewing hours per month) arrived in Spain many months ago, but something has gone unnoticed because it has not opted for an investment in advertising that makes the People find out in droves.

Based in Singapore, iQiyi is a video-on-demand streaming service that provides Asian entertainment to international viewers. It offers both VIP subscription services and a free ad-supported FAST TV model.

iQiyi’s catalog is quite extensive, offering a multitude of genres such as premium dramas, movies, variety shows, and anime, with at least local language subtitles. On this platform you can find everything from teenage series like Lost Girls to the oriental version of Grey’s Anatomy: Generation Y.

You can enjoy the platform in several ways, both in the website as well as through the iQiyi app for some Smart TV, Android and iOS models.

iQIYI - Movie Series
iQIYI - Movie Series

iQIYI - Dramas Anime Shows
iQIYI - Dramas Anime Shows

In the film section you can find the most curious productions seen from a Western prism, with “feature films”, “pure love films”, “marriage”, “pure style”, “mystery”, “growth” , “action”, “wuxia” (martial arts), “mystery” (again), “family”, “talent shows”, “youth”, “time travel”, “ costume”, “feminism”, “revenge”, “intelligence”, “forbidden love”, “fiction”, “police and bandits”, “kung fu”, “supernatural”, “love bitter” and “of immortals”.

As for television series, their categories are also very curious: “new releases”, recommended and, then, a selection of the most curious: “modern idol dramas”, “modern romantic dramas”, “dramas Elegant Man”, “Famous Actress Dramas”, “Pure Chinese Dramas”, “Urban Dramas”, “Mystery”, “Comedy”, “Fantasy”, “Modern Mystery”, “Modern Urban”, “trade war”, “passionate”, “classics”, “crime”, “fiction”, “modern youth”, “Chinese period dramas” and ends with “police and bandit dramas”.

Benefits of paid subscriptions

The vast majority of iQiyi content can be viewed for free and without the need for registration in exchange for the issuance of an advertisement from time to time. However, this free plan has a big restriction that the most demanding with image quality will not like very much: in this case it offers a maximum quality of 720p or HD.

That is why the first reason to pay for a VIP subscription would be to avoid this quality and be able to enjoy content in 1080p or 4K. In addition, the two paid subscription models also offer other interesting features.

  • standard subscription: access to content in HD 1080p quality on up to 2 simultaneous devices and the possibility of downloading VIP content. It is priced at 5.99 euros per month or 59.99 euros per year (two months as a gift).
  • premium subscription: Same conditions as the standard plan, but viewed on up to 4 devices simultaneously in up to 4K quality. Price of 8.99 euros per month or 89.99 euros per year (two months as a gift).

Obviously, with any of the payment methods, it will also entail the removal of all types of ads from the free planso you can watch your favorite content without any interruption.

It’s that easy to watch iQiyi, the Chinese Netflix that is already successful in Spain