James Wan: 10 things you don’t know about the director


From the beginning of the new millennium to today, James Wan has established himself as one of the most important directors and producers of horror films. It is thanks to him that some of the most successful titles of this genre have been made in recent years, also thanks to a reinvention of horror canons and iconography. Wan is now considered a real guarantee, from whose activity some of the most solid and scary sagas seen in cinema in recent years have come to life. Each film by him, directed or only produced, therefore becomes a real event.

Here are 10 things you didn’t know about James Wan.

James Wan: His Directed and Produced Films

1 He directed famous films. Wan’s directorial debut dates back to 2000 with the low-budget horror film Stygian. However, the consecration comes in 2004 when it leads to the cinema Saw, the first chapter of a very successful horror saga. He later directs dead silence (2007), Death Sentence (2007) and Insidious (2010), with Patrick Wilson. In 2013 she instead gives life to The Evocation – The Conjuringwith Vera Farmigaand to the sequel Beyond the Borders of Evil – Insidious 2. In 2015 he temporarily left horror cinema to direct Fast & Furious 7with Vin Dieselto then give life to the sequel The Conjuring – The Enfield case (2016). In 2018 he directed the cinecomic Aquamanwith Jason Momoawhile in 2021 he brings horror to the cinema Malicious.

2. He is the producer of several horror films. In addition to directing, over the years Wan has taken part in the production of various films, including all those related to the saga of Saw, eight in total. He has also produced films related to saga of The Conjuringor Annabelle (2014), Annabelle 2: Creation (2017), The Nun – The Calling of Evil (2018), Annabelle 2 (2019), La Llorona – Tears of Evil (2019) e The Conjuring – By order of the devil (2021). He then also produced Insidious 3 – The beginning (2015), Lights Out – Terror in the dark (2016), Insidious – The Last Key (2018), Mortal Kombat and M3gan (2023).

3. He was a record holder. Thanks to the movie Fast & Furious 7, Wan set a record, namely that of director of the film capable of reaching the milestone of the billion dollar box office in the shortest amount of time. The seventh chapter of the famous saga has in fact reached this figure in just 17 days. However, this record lasted only a couple of months, and was then surpassed by Jurassic World, which reached one billion in 13 days. The keeper is today though Avengers: Endgame, with only 5 days needed to achieve this result. Wan, however, remains a particularly lucrative director.


James Wan E Saw

4. He struggled to get the film produced. Today Saw, the first film in the saga of the same name, is considered a true contemporary classic of the horror genre. Before being able to make it, however, Wan had to deal with various rejections from Australian producers. In an attempt to make the film, he then decided to send the script to Hollywood, also making a short film inspired by the story of the film in order to gain further attention. The attempt proved fruitful and Wan obtained the necessary financing to shoot the film, even though he had to settle for a few locations and just 18 days to shoot everything.

5. Shooting the film was very complex. Getting the film produced wasn’t easy, but shooting it was also a very complicated experience. With only a few days and few environments available, Wan had to give up some ideas that would have made the film more like a Hitchcockian thriller. Having to eliminate many particular shots and shooting techniques from the program, Saw it ended up being characterized by a rough and approximate style, which however became not only an element of charm and fortune of the film, but also the distinctive feature of the saga.

James Wan and Dylan Dog

6. He will produce a new TV series about the character. In 2019 Wan announced that one of his next projects as a producer will be making a TV series about Dylan Dog. This will see Wan and his production company Atomic Monster team up with the Sergio Bonelli Publisher, owner of the rights to the character. However, nothing was known about it for a long time, until in December 2022 Wan confirmed that the series is still under development and that therefore the whole project is still alive. The director doesn’t know when this will actually go into production, but it seems to be only a matter of time.

James Wan and the horror movie Malicious

7. It’s not based on his graphic novel. In 2011 Wan released a graphic novel titled Malignant Man, centered on a man who develops powers from terminal cancer, waging war against evil creatures. Initially Wan announced that he wanted to make a film based on this work and when Malicious hit theaters in 2021, it was thought to be the promised adaptation. The film actually has nothing to do with the graphic novel and is instead a completely original horror story, conceived and then directed by Wan himself.


James Wan, Patrick Wilson e The Conjuring

8. He is fascinated by the story behind the saga. When he was asked to direct the film The Evocation – The Conjuringbased on the stories of the pair of paranormal researchers And and Lorraine Warren, Wan immediately accepted enthusiastically. In fact, he stated that he was interested in the project because of its being based on true events. Precisely because of the respect for the story of the Warrens, the director decided to remain as faithful as possible to what they told, also making some changes to the script for this purpose. Wan also had the opportunity to meet the real Lorraine, but he refused to visit the real house at the center of the events narrated, as he was frightened by this type of story.

9. He’s reunited with his recurring actor. This first film in the saga of The Conjuring reunited Wan with the actor Patrick Wilson, which over time has become one of his fetish actors. The two had in fact already worked together for Insidious and Beyond the Borders of Evil – Insidious 2. Wilson then also starred in the other chapters of the saga The Conjuring, also produced by Wan. The director then decided to entrust Wilson with the direction of the new film in the saga Insidiouscurrently titled Insidious: Fear the Dark.

James Wan and the idea for M3gan

10. He is the screenwriter of the film. Currently in the hall, M3gan is the first horror film released in Italian cinemas in 2023. In addition to being produced by Wan with his Atomic Monster, the film was also conceived by him together with Akela Cooper. Wan said he developed the story of a killer doll who, however, unlike Annabelle, does not focus on the supernatural element but on the technological one. For the director, the film is in fact a reflection on today’s society, in which there is a tendency to rely too much on technology.

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James Wan: 10 things you don’t know about the director