Lucifer: Lucifer Morningstar’s Worst Flaw In Netflix Drama According To Fans

Lucifer ran for six seasons on Netflix. It could be said that this time was enough for fans to analyze the main character played by Tom Ellis. Lucifer Morningstar highlighted some positive aspects of his life, but one prominent flaw was the worst of all according to fans.

Lucifer It premiered in 2016 through the chain fox. After three seasons of broadcast, the drama that chronicles the troubled life of Lucifer Morningstar here on earth has been cancelled. Fortunately, the program starring Tom Ellis was rescued by the platform Netflix and it was extended until the sixth installment, which came to an end in September 2021.

Lucifer may be very charismatic and heroic, but he has a flaw that is the worst of all according to a fan

There is no doubt that Lucifer is one of the most successful supernatural drama series on television. Lucifer Morningstar’s stories and story arc earned the show legions of fans around the world. Its popularity was also due to the quality and interpretation of each of the characters that came to life on the show.

However, there is one aspect of the main character Lucifer’s story that was rejected by fans. Lucifer Morningstar was presented as charismatic, funny, intimidating, heroic, and handsome. Although these are positive characteristics of the fallen angel and that he demonstrated throughout the six seasons, there is a much darker version of him.

Thanks to his supernatural abilities, Lucifer Morningstar rose to prominence as a consultant to the Los Angeles City Police Department. Fans watched him help the team solve each crime case. And especially, he always remained a companion to his beloved Chloe Decker (Lauren German), to whom he couldn’t say I love you until almost the end of the series.

What is certain is that in Lucifer, the character of Tom Ellis presented negative qualities that were unpleasant for the fans. Lucifer Morningstar has one particular flaw that stands out among the rest and according to viewers, it’s the worst trait the character developed in the entire history of the Netflix drama.

Lucifer hated himself and didn’t allow himself to be happy.

As it turns out, via a poll on Reddit, fans made it clear that they believe Lucifer Morningstar never allowed himself to be happy. According to the Looper site, the 50 percent of users noted the Devil’s penchant for lacking self-confidence, exuding hatred towards him, and sabotaging almost everything positive in his life.

“Anytime he has a good thing going for him, he runs from it,” one fan commented.

The same user, put as an example when Lucifer walks away from his love interest Chloe Decker disappearing after his near fatal incident in episode 14 of the second season. Let’s remember that many of the couple’s problems are the product of their past trauma, Tom Ellis explained to The Wrap. In addition, he stated that his way of expressing himself had been so damaged over the years, this being the root of his problem.

Lucifer: Lucifer Morningstar’s Worst Flaw In Netflix Drama According To Fans